ActiveTrail’s professional landing page editor allows you to build a well-designed, effective landing page in the easiest, quickest way possible. The reason is simple – we’ve already done most of the work for you.

Creating a landing page isn’t very complicated, however creating a professional landing page, one that converts visitors to customers and users, can be quite challenging.

ActiveTrail’s professional landing page editor allows you to build a well-designed, effective landing page in the easiest, quickest way possible. The reason is simple – we’ve already done most of the work for you.

Convenient Designing

Our platform has dozens of pre-designed landing page templates, which you can use exactly as they are, without investing any effort.

If you want to design a landing page yourself, our basic landing page template is built ahead of time, allowing you to build your page in the most efficient way. ActiveTrail’s landing page editor allows you to build a professional, designed landing page within minutes and with only three clicks.

Using our Drag & Drop editor, you can easily drag blocks to your landing page, design them with whatever colors you choose, add text or an image, and even do the work of a graphic designer without actually being a graphic designer.

Stylish Image Editor

The design is an essential part of a successful landing page, and often the more minimalist and to-the-point design actually does the best job. Upload an image to the background of your landing page – one that is affiliated with your brand or one related to the product you’re marketing.

Using our intuitive image editor you can change the size, resolution and brightness of the image and even add some effects like focus, silly stickers, etc. You don’t need Instagram – you can do it all directly from ActiveTrail’s platform.

The landing page editor’s image editor:

landing page editor

Call To Action – The Secret is in the Buttons and the Sign-Up Forms

The most important part of the landing page that you create is your sign-up form, or your call to action, which you embed into the page by means of a button.

Choose a button from our cute little gallery, change its color if you want, play with the text and get your customers to do what you’d like them to. Embed a link in the button using our links editor and take your visitors wherever you want to take them, whether it’s your online store, your home page, or any other place in the world wide web.

Button gallery

Want to Broaden Your Mailing List? Landing Pages Were Invented to Do Just That…

 The main goal of a landing page is to create interactions with the customer and ultimately  to get some information from him. In order to get your visitors to sign up for your newsletter, or to collect leads in a different way, embed a sign-up form in the landing page that you create. You have the choice between a horizontal sign-up form and a special form with either an image or text, which allow you to gather additional information during registration.

It’s all about being responsive

The amount that people surf the web from mobile phones has consistently risen year after year, raising the chances that these users will land on your landing page directly from their mobile phone. An unresponsive landing page can cause you to lose 50% of these users – and we definitely don’t like the sound of that.

ActiveTrail’s landing pages are adjusted for viewing on different screen sizes, so your landing page will look wonderful on both mobile phones and tablets, raking in leads each time your users arrive at your page from any device.

Dynamic Background Design, However Your Heart Desires

You can design the background of your landing page however you want.

  • Choose a separate background for each section of the landing page, for the sign-up form, for the text and for your logo.
  • Upload images and use them in the background.
  • Use one of our pre-designed templates and save yourself time and energy.

Thank You Page

After you’ve conducted the conversion, your visitors will be led directly to the thank you page. You can choose to design the thank you page exactly like your landing page, you can design it differently, or you can take advantage of another pre-designed template in order to thank your new customers. Embed a conversion code in order to follow your visitors’ actions in the different platforms, which will give you a better understanding of how many customers were converted, allowing you to reduce your advertising costs.

Already have dozens of ideas running around in your head?

Sign up to the platform and put them down on paper, or better yet, onto your new landing page.

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