ActiveTrail does everything in its power to make sure that your campaigns reach their destinations, and not your subscribers’ SPAM boxes. For this purpose, our advanced system performs comprehensive examinations, automatically and individually on each campaign.

We support the delivery standards that are widely accepted in the industry today, SPF, DKIM and DomainKeys, to ensure that we are recognized as your email service provider. In this way, we are able to reduce the chances of your emails ending up in SPAM.

ActiveTrail Automatically Validates Your Campaigns

A moment before sending your campaigns, the ActiveTrail system performs a comprehensive scan, that also includes the links and pictures attached to the newsletter. After the scan, the system informs you of any issues and, of course, fixes them.


The standards were put in place to improve the deliverability of your campaigns by letting the email providers (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) know who your service provider is, in this case, ActiveTrail.

Update SPF

Where is the advantage in this?

The first and foremost reason for creating a newsletter, is, of course, for it to reach its destination. If the email providers don’t recognize your email marketing service provider, there is a good chance that your emails will be deemed to be SPAM, thereby reducing the chances of exposing your contents to a wider audience.

With ActiveTrail you can rest assured that your email campaigns will reach their intended targets – nearly 100% of the time.