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ActiveTrail Is Compliant with The ISO 27001 Standard

At ActiveTrail, we strive to perfect our data security management practices and, as part of these efforts, we initiated a multifaceted and meticulous project that included mapping, defining, analyzing, documenting, auditing and improving all of our organizational processes and policies. We are proud to be amongst the first in Israel to set such a standard and to have adapted our information security system to the ISO 27001 standard for information security management systems.


We are well aware of the vital importance of privacy and information security In today’s digital and business worlds. As such, we made sure that all of our company’s policy documents were rigorously vetted, adjusted and improved; we added physical and logical security components, both to the company’s offices and to our systems. The work was carried out over a period of a few months and was initiated in light of the many regulatory changes in Europe, Israel and the rest of the world, and because of our goal to lead the market in the areas of privacy and information security, while providing our clients the strongest possible sense of security.


The information security management system certificate (based on the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard), authorizes and certifies that ActiveTrail has put in place all of the appropriate measures needed to fulfill its commitment to thoroughly safeguard the information and to manage it in the most effective and secure manner possible. We, at ActiveTrail, are proud of this achievement and continue to invest substantial time and resources in maintaining your security and providing you with peace of mind.


Would you like to find out more about the standard and / or how ActiveTrail manages information security?


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