How to Beat the Notorious ‘Email Send Fear’

Digital marketers send a dozen of emails every week. We spend several hours crafting emails and editing them to perfection. But once we hit the send button, things are out of our control.


That’s when email anxiety starts to creep in. We get nervous about our emails’ performance. We ask questions like: Is my content good enough? Will my promotion be effective? Will it convert?

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The thing is, being nervous about something we have no control over will just drain our energy and affect our performance on other tasks. And while we may not have the perfect confidence before blasting out our emails, there are a few things anyone can do to make it a little better. 

Here are some tips you can apply before, during, and after creating your emails to beat the email send fear.

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Things to do before composing your email


  • Set criteria for an ideal email

Create a standard on how a good email should look like: the flow of thought, tone & voice, and what you want or need to include. Get inspired by great emails you’ve received in the past and try to extract that “secrete sauce” out. Use these criteria to check your emails before sending them.

  • Create email templates you can easily edit

This will help you prepare once your schedule gets tough, and you have less time to compose different emails from scratch. It is easier to get anxious if you are caught unprepared with many things to do. Good preparation will avoid unnecessary stress because you are always ready.

  • Meditate on the purpose of your email campaign

It is easier to create great emails if you have compelling reasons for your campaign. It places your mindset in the right perspective so you can focus on the “why” instead of focusing on what could go wrong.

  • Regularly update your lists and label them clearly

One of the reasons for email send fear is sending an email to the wrong list. To avoid this, give distinct labels to your group lists.

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Things to do before hitting send

  • Allow a third party to proofread your emails

It is best to let others do the proofreading since we tend to overlook our own mistakes. It will also lessen anxiety since you know that another person checked your work.

  • Do an email test

A final email test before sending it to your email list will allow you to ensure that your emails are free from errors and typos. Check if all your links and CTA’s are working.

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Things to do after hitting send

  • Relax!

You have done your part. There is no use worrying about something you have no control over. Once you hit send, just wait for the results to come. Stop worrying about it so you can focus on other tasks.

  • Immediately bounce back from your mistakes

No matter how careful you are, there would still be rare occasions when you will make mistakes. If that happens, do not let it consume you. You are human; mistakes are inevitable. Forgive yourself and learn from them to improve your emails in the future.



Experiencing email fear is a good thing. It means that you are concerned about your job. But do not let fear cripple you to do other marketing tasks.

Follow the tips mentioned above to keep your email fear controllable. Plan your emails, carefully compose them, and recheck for errors before hitting send. Once you hit send, step back and wait for your efforts to work out.

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