8 Creative Ideas for Compelling Email Content

It is without a doubt that content is what makes the marketing world go around. As far as email content is concerned, in 2018 an average of 156 million emails were sent on a daily basis. Assuming that successful marketing emails should have an average of 75 to 100 words per mail, the numbers imply at 1.36 billion words sent throughout the web within 24 hours.

But how much of the content you receive is relevant or engaging? More importantly, how do you ensure that the content YOU are sending out is engaging and productive enough to make your clients stop and read? 

Other than ensuring that you have an engaged email list, and of course, an effective marketing automation software, you need to spruce up your content and make it compelling. We’ve gathered some useful ideas that would help your emails not only stand out, but also increase the effectiveness of the email content you circulate among past and existing clients, but more importantly – potential ones.

Here Are 8 Ideas for Creative and Converting Email Content You Must Know

1. Transactional Messaging – Seize the Opportunity

Welcome emails, password recovery emails, thank you emails – are in fact all opportunities in disguise. Yes, these creative emails might seem generic and redundant, but they are truly a wonderful way to engage with your clients and subscribers, not only because they have the highest open rate but also because your contacts are expecting them. In other words, they lay out the reliability and foundation of your future communication. But just because your clients are expecting these emails, doesn’t mean that their content has to be predictable. Here are a few  thoughts on how you can spice things up: 

  • Personalize your messaging, with either the client’s name, username or another form of introduction (you could do this in password retrieval emails, thank you, etc.) 
  • Add a CTA, set your new or existing email subscribers into motion (like the following image suggests) using a convincing call to action. You could refer them back to your website, or otherwise, get them engaged in future actions. 
  • Offer an option to learn more about your service, be sure to keep it light and brief so it won’t stir away your contacts from the real cause of the email. (more often than not, less is more). 

email content

2. Storytelling – Paint a Picture

Sometimes, marketing is all about subtleties. Not every email you send should directly sell your brand or product. At times, relatability and sharing a story with your readers can get their attention. Make sure you use all the colors in your box when you paint that picture. It can be anything from the story behind your brand to an anecdote about an employee. In the following example, the email creates a sense of community among its readers, which is a great way to make them feel they’re buying more than just a product – they’re taking part in something bigger:

email marketing content

3. Personalize – Fits Like a Glove  

Following the previous advice, your marketing email content can be personal or personalized – that is, engage your readers by sending them creative email content that would apply specifically to them. Personalized email, in fact, generates higher transaction rates and 29% more unique open rates.  Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Include their name, it establishes a certain familiarity that simply encourages reading – you could even address them in the email subject line.
  • Send targeted emails, they could be modified according to a physical location, previous preferences or even age groups. This way you optimize the chances they would first open the email, second, find the email content compelling and convincing enough to convert.
  • Use emojis if possible. According to Forbes Magazine, adding emojis makes your brand more relatable and may increase open rates by 56%. Be sure not to overuse them and only use them when appropriate. 
  • Provide updates on their personal activity, here’s a cool creative email example: 

ideas for compelling email content


4. Blog Newsletters – Spread the Word 

This might be a little tricky since 66-69% of subscribers, in fact, unsubscribe from email content that is irrelevant or sent too frequently. Make sure that you send content that is inspiring, well-written and in measured amounts. Your blog, for instance, is where you can expand and increase your reach to relevant audiences by 57%. There are a few ways in which you can promote traffic through your emails: 

  • Include snippets and teasers for the actual content on your blog. 
  • Invest in eye-catching headlines for the blog posts included in your email content. A simple detail could go a long way, for instance: did you know that using brackets in your headline can increase click-rate by 38%?
  • Suggest readers ask you questions at the end of the blog entry. In other words, you are enabling a dialogue between you and potential customers. 
  • Create an interactive newsletter – you can incorporate promotions, relevant links, and even a link to your own blog; as long as your subscribers are doing more than passive reading (see the following image) 

creative ideas email content

5. Curated Email Content – Connect the Dots 

By sharing shifts in industry trends or even articles from big magazines in your field, you can easily enrich your readers’ experience with valuable information or even promote yourself as a person in the know. Curating email content can also assist in positioning your brand in comparison to others and save your clients heaps of time by gathering relevant data in one place. This is also a great way to create connections with other businesses.

email marketing content example

6. Surveys and Reports – Knowledge is Power 

As you collect data and other findings of your business, sharing some of this information could project transparency, openness and perhaps even instill in your readers a sense of partaking in your business’ activity. You can use anything from colorful charts and infographics to short anecdotes incorporated along with your email content:

  • You could share stats as a form of implementing feedback, for instance: “60% of our customers loved our weekend sale”. 
  • Share numbers on how other people with similar preferences, utilize and optimize your service. 
  • End of the years’ stats to share your vision and company growth (in the following image):

creative examples content

7. Updates – Keep it Fresh 

This might go without saying, but keeping your customers updated about new products or features, is a proven way to increase open and sales conversion rates. It appears that the average person checks their email 15 times a day, and 79% of Millennials prefer checking their email on their phone. In other words, the updates that you send are more likely seen immediately and are, therefore, even more, relevant and reachable.

example for email marketing

8. Promotions – Little Treats with Extra Value 

Promotions, coupons, and discounts don’t have to necessarily be a form of aggressive or overbearing marketing; sometimes, they’re needed to remind your email subscribers of the real value they can receive from your service. 

Moreover, in some cases, like during the holiday season, your customers might even be looking for these types of emails that save them time from actually searching for such solutions across the web. You could incorporate these offers with other content, perhaps reintroduce some of your products or even try a whole different direction and create an online contest: 

example email content creation

In summary, there are plenty of innovative ways to create captivating email content and optimize its effectiveness among your contacts. Just remember to keep your brand in mind, your language simple and your emails efficient. 


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