Massively Effective Mass Mail Campaigns with ActiveTrail

Fact: email marketing is the most effective means of digital marketing. This is much, if not mostly, due to the ability of email to effortlessly reach a very broad audience with targeted content at a place they visit on a regular basis, their inboxes. In ActiveTrail, you can begin to create mass mailing campaigns, the moment you import your first mailing list into the system and continue to build and refine your campaigns, add automations, and much more, as best fits your marketing strategy.

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It All Starts with Your Mailing List

Of course, you can’t send out mass mailings without contacts to send mail to. ActiveTrail’s best of breed email marketing and automation system has a specialized import module that streamlines upload, synchronization, and management of your mailing list. In just a few simple steps, you can bring in lists from Excel and Salesforce, or use our API or Zapier to integrate ActiveTrail with other Customer Relationship Management systems, Google Sheets, your custom database management system, and many other 3rd party systems.

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Automatically Grow and Manage Your Mass Mailing Contact Base

Manually editing contact information is simple, but much of ActiveTrail’s power comes from its ability to automate many of these tasks for you. Whether you use one of ActiveTrail’s sign-up forms on your landing page or website or grab lead and customer data from a WordPress site or Facebook, ActiveTrail can automatically add these details to your mass mailing list(s). You can then use this data for a whole slew of ActiveTrail features, such as personalizing newsletters and sending different versions of a campaign to different groups of contacts.  On the flip side, to avoid damage to your reputation and to react appropriately to contacts who unsubscribe, you can add a link to your emails, that, when clicked, will automatically remove the contact from the mailing list or group, without requiring any manual involvement (although you can choose to be automatically notified of such removals).

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It Pays to be Trigger Happy

While mass mailings are great, in and of themselves, they are infinitely more valuable when you can individually and automatically respond to campaign recipients who show interest in your emails.  ActiveTrail’s email marketing automations and Active Trigger mechanism let you set up events and rules that will trigger actions based on your readers’ reactions to your newsletters. For instance, if a reader clicks on a product link in your newsletter, you can create a trigger that will flag them as a potential customer for this product and add them to a group of similarly interested contacts, thereby establishing a mailing list that you can use for highly-targeted campaigns in the future.

Filter your Mass Mailings for Better Focus  

As profitable as mass mailings may be, they can become unwieldy if your mailing list grows very large, for instance to hundreds of thousands of recipients. Instead of using a minimally effective, high-volume scattergun approach, use ActiveTrail to create select groups of contacts in your mailing list and send each group more pointed campaigns.

These are just some of the ways that ActiveTrail makes mass email marketing easier and more intelligent than ever before.

ActiveTrail offers many more features and functionality that help make mass mailings easier to setup and more intelligent than ever before.

Join ActiveTrail to create personalized, more effective mass mailings!

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