3 Simple Steps to Creating a Newsletter Using ActiveTrail

create a newsletter

Building a professional and effective email newsletter campaign has traditionally been a nightmare, as newsletter management software often got in the way of what we wanted to achieve, rather than helped us realize our newsletters’ true potential.

How to create a newsletter all changed with ActiveTrail’s email marketing software, and now it’s something that can be done in a matter of minutes with little to no technical knowledge! Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Choose a newsletter design

When creating a newsletter, putting together a professional design newsletter that will jump off the screen is more than half of the battle. ActiveTrail has a huge list of ready-made professional designs that will display perfectly on all computer and mobile screens and can be quickly adjusted for your use. Once you’ve got your template perfected you can re-use it for all of your newsletters, saving you a huge amount of time and effort. If you’d prefer to work from a basic or even an empty template, then these too are available.

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2. Customize the look & feel

Putting a professional newsletter together has never been easier. With ActiveTrail’s simple newsletter editor you can effortlessly drag and drop elements to your newsletter. Want to add a “Read More” button? The newsletter editor has buttons in every shape and size that you can import – all of the hard work creating the code for your email newsletter is done for you. Want more power? You can create your own buttons from within the editor. For really big changes you can edit the HTML code directly, so you have complete control over how your newsletter appears.

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3. Supercharge your newsletter

ActiveTrail has a whole lot of quick and simple ways for you to turn a mediocre newsletter into the center of your marketing campaign.

How about you…

• Automatically personalize each email with custom images and text for each reader using ActiveTrail advanced personalization features.

• Add social media buttons to your newsletter so readers can begin following you on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with just one click.

• Use CSS (cascading style sheets) in your email to accurately match your website using ActiveTrail’s Automated CSS Converter.

• Store media files on ActiveTrail’s media server, making them easily accessible for future newsletters.

• Set up triggers to perform automated actions when customers click through on the links in your email campaigns.

• Import and convert images and text easily using ActiveTrail’s Content Importer.

• A/B Test multiple designs to see which converts into the most sales, allowing you to tweak your marketing for future email newsletters.

• Save your best templates for future use or use in similar campaigns.

• Build a landing page that complements your newsletter and converts sales through the roof with ActiveTrail’s Landing Page Creator.

Now all that’s left is to send out your newsletter and let it create that impact it was designed for. Take a look at ActiveTrail’s many professional newsletter templates that can set your email marketing campaign on fire, and get started!

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