Align Your Email Marketing and Website Personalization Tactics

personlized email marketing
It’s not a secret anymore that website personalization can boost conversions and sales. Marketers should know by now that personalizing their website alone is not enough. So if you want to get better results and a higher profit, you must align your website personalization with your email marketing.

Today, customers interact with your business through different digital channels: website, email, and social media, among other things. It only makes sense that all content and messages in your channels are aligned to ensure smooth customer experience and guide your prospects to the conversion path effectively.

Studies showed that personalized homepage promotions influenced 85% of consumers to buy while personalized shopping cart recommendations influenced 92% of shoppers online. On the other hand, personalized email promotions have 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates compared to non-personalized emails.

What if you combine the power of personalization in both channels? Imagine the possibility of boosting your sales.

By aligning your personalization tactics for these two, you are combining their potentials to have a coherent, solidified personalization strategy. Your website tools and email marketing automation software are also easy to integrate and carry this out.

Here are some great and practical techniques you can use to align your website personalization with your email marketing:

Personalize your Pop-up Banners for New Subscribers

Let’s start with the simplest yet one of the most effective features in growing your email list – pop-up banners.

Given its nature, pop-up banners help you capture the contact information of your visitors so that you can send them updates, new offers, and promos.
Of course, not all website visitors share the same interests, and you can only add them to the right list when you know the areas they are interested in.

By letting visitors choose what type of content they want to receive as they fill up the sign-up form, you can provide them with tailored email content and offers that are relevant to their interests. You can even incentivize their subscription by giving them a discount on the item or service they recently visited.   

Implement URL Parameters

Consistency is essential to provide a smooth and personalized customer experience. Using URL parameters, you can create a consistent journey as customers land on the most appropriate version of your website based on their actions.

For instance, you can create one email campaign with different versions to attract different segments – new customers, loyal customers, and cold leads. When your cold lead clicks on your email banner that promotes a sale, he or she must be directed to a landing page with a countdown on that same sale.

Use Behavioral Triggers to Interact Accordingly

Behavioral triggers in your email marketing automation software enable you to send relevant emails to customers based on their online actions, website activity or email engagement. This way, the emails you send are guaranteed to be relevant to their current needs. In fact, statistics show that contextual emails including trigger-based campaigns have an average open rate of 50%.

One popular way of using behavioral triggers is through the cart abandonment emails. Here, an automated email will be sent to customers who add an item to their shopping cart and then leave without completing the purchase.

You can also use behavioral triggers to send incentives to customers who frequent to a certain product or service page but are not making an action.  

Personalize Based on Location

The advanced features of email marketing automation software today allow you to create one email campaign and show different versions to customers from different locations. It’s a great personalization technique that enables marketers to send targeted promos and messages.

In the same way, you can use your data on your customers’ location or their IP address to show them a version of your website that’s appropriate to where they are located, for instance, when they clicked on your email. You can use the language in their country or show them promos that are exclusive to customers based on specific locations.

At the end of the day, you are a customer too. As such, you want to have a consistent and personalized journey for a better customer experience. Otherwise, you would take time to convert, or worse, you wouldn’t make a purchase at all.

So as marketers, be sure to provide the experience you want to have yourself. Integrate your website personalization techniques with email using your email marketing automation software to weave the experience of your customers as they interact with your business. It’s a simple and easy strategy that can promote growth in your business.