13 Incredibly Surprising Email Personalization Statistics

13 Incredibly Surprising Email Personalization Statistics

By now, email marketers like you should know that personalization is a tactic you cannot ignore. Customers are distinct from each other, and their differences go beyond demographics. Sending generic emails does not only show your lack of creativity and strategy. It’s also a waste of time, energy, and money.

Ask any email marketer, and they would tell you how proper personalization has given their email marketing automation campaigns a significant boost. Emails with tailored content offer strong relevancy to customers, resulting in higher opens, clicks, and engagement. Good-fitting messages help build a more intimate connection with customers as it provides value to their brand experience.

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These and more wonders are expected to happen when you tailor your email based on the individuality of your customers. Let’s check what the numbers have to say about the power of email personalization.

What Businesses Think About Email Personalization

  • 96% of organizations believe that email personalization can improve email marketing performance. – Aberdeen
  • 50% of companies think that an increase in personalization can improve email interaction among subscribers. – Experian

What Customers Think About Email Personalization

  • If they get personalized offers or discounts, 63% of Millennials, 58% of Gen Xers, and 46% of Baby Boomers are willing to share personal information with companies. – Salesforce  
  • When an email is not personalized, 52% of customers say they’ll find somewhere else to go. – Salesforce  

How Email Personalization Improves Metrics

  • 82% of marketers reported an increase in open rates through email personalization, while 75% believe it yields higher click-through rates. – Adestra / IDM State of Digital Personalization report
  • Compared to non-personalized mailings, personalized promotional mailings have 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates. – Invesp
  • The open rate for e-mails with a personalized message was 18.8%, as compared to 13.1% without any personalization. – Statista
  • Brands that personalize promotional marketing emails experience 27% higher unique click rates and 11% higher open rates than those that do not personalize. – Experian
  • Personalized subject lines produce 65% open rate to the travel industry. – Invesp
  • 74% of marketers said that targeted messages and personalization of emails improves customer engagement rates. – eConsultancy

How Email Personalization Boosts Sales and Revenue

  • Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transactional rates. –  Experian
  • Segmented, targeted and personalized emails generate 58% of all revenue. – DMA
  • Personalized email marketing generates a median ROI of 122%. – eMarketer

How to Personalize Your Email in Two Ways

These statistics will only matter if email marketers like you use them to guide your next email marketing campaigns. Learn the tips on how to personalize your emails properly to reap the rewards indicated in the numbers above.

1. Personalize Your Subject Line

Statistics showed that personalized emails produce better open rates. And when it comes to email open rates, the subject line is the element we look at. This underscores the importance of personalizing the email subject line.  

Use the Recipient’s Personal Information. While including the first name of the recipient in the subject line is the most popular tactic, it shouldn’t be limited to this. You can leverage the richness of your data by personalizing email subject lines based on address or birthday. This allows you to communicate with your recipients on a more personal level and beyond the first name.

Use Multiple Subject Lines. By creating many subject lines for a single campaign, recipients from your target population are delivered with personalized subjects regardless of their differences in location, gender or age, among others. For instance, if you want to invite recipients to join your advocacy, you could create two subjects for two genders. For male recipients, you could send “Be Man Enough to Join Our Cause” while female recipients could receive “Use Your Girl Power for a Good Cause.”

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2. Personalize Your Email Content

Personalized email content is crucial in bringing better customer experience and engagement.

Be Personal When Addressing Recipients. Using personal information to address recipients properly should not end with the subject line. Whether it’s first name, company address, civil status, or age, you can include them in the body of your email to take your personalization a step higher.   

Use Dynamic Content. By customizing the images in your email, you can show recipients the kind of content that’s relevant to them based on the parameters you set. For instance, if you are an email marketer for a retail store and you want to send a promotional email to audiences from different cities, using a dynamic content allows you to show an image containing the address of your physical store near the recipients.

3. Combine Personalization Techniques

Using multiple personalization techniques in one email allows you to connect with recipients on a more personal and deeper level. However, do this with caution because combining too many elements might compromise the quality of your email.

To carry out these email personalization techniques, it is essential to use an email marketing automation platform like ActiveTrail that has advanced features to perform these. With the right email personalization feature, you can be sure that you stay relevant to your customers. Keep that personal connective alive. Personalize.

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