5 Things to Consider when Comparing Email Marketing Services Providers

It is true that there are a number of email marketing services providers on the market – some good, some less so – and choosing the right one for you should be a step taken wisely, or risk wasting time or worse – alienating your readers.

Email marketing services should be evaluated more than just on price – just in case that’s what you had in mind.

Email marketing services

Check out these 5 things to consider when choosing your online email marketing services provider:

1. Ease of use

Email marketing management can be complex, but with the right dashboard and tools at your disposal, this complexity can melt away. Being able to work with contact lists easily, re-use templates and create powerful automated actions simplifies your day-to-day email marketing management tasks.

2. Powerful editing tools

Being able to create and manipulate your emails, adding images, text, buttons and advanced personalization can turn a difficult task into a breeze. Ensure your service creates emails that are easily read on mobile devices, and make sure that when you really want to make deep customizations the software allows you to without issue.

3. Reputation

Why does reputation matter? Email marketing providers like ActiveTrail who ensure that their members adhere to no-spam rules and include automatic ways for readers to unsubscribe from marketing emails enjoy a privileged treatment from internet service providers. As these ISPs know that ActiveTrail is a responsible company and the emails sent from our servers are according to the spam policy, our delivery rate is higher than others, and customers are more likely to actually see your email campaign rather than it being rejected by the server or sent to a spam folder.

4. Advanced reporting features

Being able to see in real-time how your email campaign is performing is invaluable. It allows you to modify and tweak your campaign as it is ongoing, as well as decide upon the best course of action for future campaigns. Check to see whether other email marketing services include features comparable to ActiveTrail’s advanced reporting – seamless integration with Google Analytics and its own reporting that is arguably the best in the business.

5. Help and support

Getting the best from your email marketing and marketing automation tools is only possible if you know how to use them to their full potential. Marketers are always thinking outside the box, coming up with new ways to impress and entice readers, and these methods can require expert knowledge. ActiveTrail’s technical staff is always on call and ready to help you realize your vision for your marketing emails.

We believe that ActiveTrail pips all other email marketing service providers to the post. Of course we would, we’re biased! But check out all of these advanced features that ActiveTrail has to offer, and we’re confident that you’ll come to the same conclusion.

Join ActiveTrail and work with the best email marketing service provider!

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