How to Make It Work with Automated Email Software

You have invested in the world’s most agile email marketing software, so why not get the most out of it? With ActiveTrail’s category-leading automation system, you can kick-back, relax and effortlessly watch while we provide your subscribers with a wholly personalized experience. Interested? Read on and discover a few of the ways our automated email system can simplify your life.

Automated Email

An Automated Email for Any Occasion

What better way to show your customer’s that they are always on your mind than to send them an email on their special days. Sending an automated email to a client on their birthday or anniversary is one of the most tried and true examples of taking advantage of customer data to cement your relationships with your clients. We are well aware of this at ActiveTrail, which is why we have made it especially easy to set up special occasion automations and why we supply a smorgasbord of breathtaking, ready-made birthday and anniversary templates for you to choose from.

Of course, you need not stop with “just” a greeting – studies show that birthdays and anniversaries provide perfect opportunities to promote your products and/or services. Setup the system to send your customers (or even better, to their better halves) an automated email, sometime prior to the special occasion, with an exclusive offer, just for them. The returns on this type of marketing have been shown to be phenomenal.

Autoresponders – Event Driven Automated Emails

Autoresponders are one of ActiveTrail’s most powerful features.  In a nutshell, autoresponders let you send out customized automated emails on specific dates and times, or, in response to a events or actions taken by users. There is no telling where this capability to automatically respond to your customer’s behavior will take your campaigns – the sky is, indeed, the limit.

Automated email examples:

  • Build an automation that will generate an automated email thanking users for signing up to your newsletter.
  • Automatically send out tips for using your product or service, one week after customers make a purchase.
  • Send your subscribers automatic reminders regarding an upcoming event that they’ve signed up for, a few weeks before the date of the event.
  • Automatically reintroduce the many features your website has to offer, a few months after a user becomes dormant.

Active Triggers

Rounding out this set of examples, we would like to introduce you to Active Triggers. An Active Trigger is an event listener, i.e. it runs in the background waiting for a specific event or user interaction to take place, that triggers the ActiveTrail system to perform a particular task when the event, usually in the form of clicking a link, actually occurs. Clicking on links is a common action in web applications and email marketing campaigns. As such, you can use Active Triggers to track users and to, for instance, filter them into different categories based on their actions. For instance, users that click on a “sale” link, could be automatically flagged as bargain-hunters, while those who click through to social media links could be flagged as being active on social media.  You can then continue the automation, to send each group of users a different automated email.

These examples are just the tip of the ActiveTrail automation iceberg. With these tools and other features of our automation system, ActiveTrail’s email marketing platform can perform much of your email marketing for you, without requiring you to lift a finger.

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