How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Services for Your Agency

How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Services for Your Agency

As a digital marketing agency, your goal is to deliver the best to your clients and help them meet their business targets. Part of your service is to provide efficient software and tools that can implement your campaigns with limited to zero issues at all.

This fact rings true when you offer an email marketing service, especially now that the number businesses doing email marketing is growing.

The catch here is that clients do not have the same level of requirements, which leaves you with a challenge to find a tool that can meet all that. Most often than not, no one-size-fits-all tool can address all your needs. What you can do is to find an email marketing software that can meet all your standards.

Here, we’ve listed down the things that you need to consider when choosing that email marketing service for your agency:

Outline your Unique Selling Propositions

First, you need to determine why you need an email marketing tool and what you want to offer to your clients. There are two major paths you can take here.

One is where you are on top of the email marketing campaigns of your clients. This means that you lead the launch, create the strategy, send emails, analyze the performance and all other related tasks. Here, your clients leave everything to you, and they barely log in to the email marketing service.

The second one is where you serve as the supplier or provider of the email marketing platform. Right after you perform the initial setup, clients will take over to be hands-on in their email marketing campaigns. You only need to white-label the tool so that you can present it as your own solution.

So, when choosing your email marketing service, ask yourself these questions: Are you going to launch and execute an email marketing campaign for clients? Or, are you providing them the platform where they can manage their own campaigns?

Determine what features you need

Your email marketing service is as good as the features of your tool. It’s also a waste of money to pay for several features you don’t have plans of using. Make a checklist of the features you need to make it easier for you to cut down your options.

Here are the most important email marketing features needed to jumpstart a project:

  • A wide range of easy-to-use newsletter templates
  • An easy and intuitive marketing automation system
  • Multichannel marketing abilities- landing page creator, SMS blasting, online surveys, notifications…
  • User permissions classification
  • Comprehensive Real-Time Advanced Analytics
  • Smart trigger settings
  • A/B testing module that leverage campaign results
  • All around personalization options
  • Easy integrations with other systems

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Consider scalability

Foresight is an important quality to succeed in a creative agency. It’s important that you can anticipate future concerns you may encounter with your email marketing service, especially when your campaigns turn out to be successful and the demands grow.

Be sure to plan ahead of time and choose email marketing services that can address the pace and the amount of growth you have in mind. Can it handle the number of clients you are willing to serve or the variety of features you may need? What happens when you need to upgrade to grow your email list? When the business grows, can the email marketing platform service handle the future size and amount of demands of clients?

Choose a vendor you trust

Your tool becomes the extension of your business as well as your clients. It’s only practical that you take time to know your vendor on a deeper level to afford a sense of assurance.

The first things you need to look at are security, support, and deliverability. Are your information, contacts, and database secured from risks? How fast can you get support in case unexpected issues arise? How sure are you that your emails are landing in the recipient’s inbox? These are some of the things you need to answer to ensure that you are picking a tool you can rely on.

Shopping for the perfect email marketing service can be daunting, but it shouldn’t be a big problem when you have figured things all out. Know what you want to be as a creative agency that offers an email marketing service, and start choosing an email marketing software that meets all your requirements and standards.

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