How to Successfully Integrate Your Email and Social Media Marketing

The key to getting more customers and keeping your customers’ loyalty lies in communication. The famous saying “communication is key” should not be put to waste especially in the business setting.  Nowadays, communication doesn’t have to be a physical meeting, grabbing some food and drinks to talk. With the invention of social media, it is effortless to communicate with your subscribers!

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As an email entrepreneur, you should be resourceful enough to use whatever you have to your advantage. As such, in order to get more leads, incorporating your email marketing with social media will give you a competitive advantage!

In incorporating your email marketing with social media, here are three things that you need to keep in mind:

Facebook Lead Ads

Among all the social media sites, Facebook is the most popular. It has the highest number of subscribers and active users among all the sites. What better way to communicate to multitudes than Facebook, right? With this in mind, you can use Facebook to your advantage. ActiveTrail’s integration with Facebook Lead Ads helps you incorporate your email marketing campaign with Facebook! Now collecting leads and gaining customers will be as easy as pie!

ActiveTrail heeded the pleas of email marketers who are having a difficulty with coding. Facebook Lead Ads allows email marketers to send out emails to individuals who recently signed up on Facebook. By connecting your Facebook profile to the account settings of ActiveTrail, the new Facebook user’s information will be sent to you on your ActiveTrail account.


In using ActiveTrail’s Facebook Lead Ads integration, you just have to do two important steps and after which, you can sit back and relax. The first step is to decide which page you want to synchronize. You don’t have to worry about this feature taking over your Facebook account because it gives you the freedom to choose which page you want to synchronize.

The second and last step in incorporating your email marketing with Facebook is assigning your contacts. On the top left of the screen, you will see the “properties” label. By clicking this button, you get to decide where to assign your contacts. Once you have assigned your contacts, all you have to do is relax and let ActiveTrail do the rest—from sending out updates and offers to your subscriber list!

The Building Blocks of Social Network

 Your social media strategy should be comprised of the four important “building” blocks of social media namely, “find us” block, “share” block, “like” block, and of course the “comments” block.

1. “Find Us” Block

find us block

As the name implies, this block allows your customers to find you in other social media sites. This block lets you connect to your customers through other channels. It’s better that these social icons will be placed at the top in order for your readers to notice it. In ActiveTrail, you can customize a lot of things. You can decide which social media links you want to put. And you can also choose what design you want to have for this block. ActiveTrail ensures that your design fits your site!

2. “Share” Block

share block

The share block is your best friend, it opens the door to more opportunities. Through this share block, you can have more customer coverage and reach out to people who you might have never thought of reaching! This block allows your customers to share your email campaign contents to their friends and families with just one click!

3. “Like” Block

פייסבוק בעמוד נחיתה

The “like” block, pretty much like in Facebook, allows you to see who are enjoying your contents. Though it is not a vital aspect that you have to consider when creating your social media strategy, it is a bonus especially when you see that your subscribers are interested in your content.

4. “Comments” Block


The “comments” block is important. It encourages your subscribers to connect and share with other subscribers and of course, it is another platform for you to interact with your customers. This block is important because it gives you the necessary feedback that you would need from your client!

Better Customer Response Through Rewards

 It is a fact that people respond more when rewards are involved. Incorporating this psychology-law to business, when you want your subscribers to be more active you have to give them some sort of award.

A classic example would be asking them to promote your site to their friends, whether it would be through sharing or asking them to like your page, in exchange for discounts or a chance to win a gadget.  But keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be a discount or a prize, it can actually even be a simple recognition! It’s up to you and how creative you are at coming up with strategies on how to lure your customers to share your contents.

These are just simple tips that would help you in incorporating your email campaign with your social media accounts. Feel free to explore and be creative in setting up your own social media strategy. If you liked this article- please hit the “Share” button 🙂

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