9 Abandoned Cart Emails To Improve Your E-Commerce Strategy

You are putting time, money, and effort into your email marketing campaign, converting clients, using numerous strategies but to no avail? The reason may hide in the abandoned carts.

Don’t worry. You are hardly the only business facing this problem. In fact, almost 70% of all clients will abandon the cart at the checkout. Sounds terrible? Not if you know how to get them back.

The strategy you should employ for your marketing efforts can’t stop at the promotional stage. Follow up emails are highly important for turning conversion into real purchases and beyond.

If your page gets traffic but it does not convert into leads, make sure that it is optimized for the right keywords, that it is intuitive, well-designed and does not have any technical issues. According to Miromind, If all of the above is settled, go further to analyze the clients’ behavior after they put the item in the cart.

If you take advantage of a good abandoned cart email strategy, you can improve your marketing campaign trifold. Let’s look deeper into the subject.

Abandoned Cart Emails To Improve Your E-Commerce Strategy

What Is An Abandoned Cart Email?

An abandoned cart email is an essential weapon in each marketing team’s arsenal. It’s basically an email sent from an e-commerce company to the potential customer, who chooses an item, adds it to the cart, and then just leaves the browser tab without completing the purchase.

But don’t worry, all the efforts you have done up to this point to get this client were not in vain.

An abandoned cart email is designed to bring the customer back. The message’s goal is to offer a customer something interesting to help him or her complete the purchase.

The abandoned cart email (ACE) strategies are based on the fact that the client is almost ready to make a purchase. All he or she needs is a little push. It’s up to the company to make this push as slight and effective as possible.

If the ACE works, the revenue increases substantially. The amount spent on creating and sending ACEs can easily be covered by the purchase amounts, making the ROI of these emails quite impressive.

Coming Up With Client Recovery Strategy

The problem with bringing a customer back is that the majority of companies are using similar methods to do it. As it is with the rest of email marketing strategies, it’s hard to come up with something unique.

Standing out from the crowd in the client’s inbox takes time, research, money, and a little bit of luck. What you have on your side is the customer’s interest in the products you are selling. It was strong enough to make them put the item in the cart. It means you can use it to bring the person back.

1. Show Your Loyalty And Credibility

So many frauds are making their way around the Internet today that the majority of users are very cautious about using online stores.

One of the reasons why customers abandon the cart is because they don’t feel safe enough about paying money to your shop.  

When you send your ACE, you have to convince the client that your credibility is high.

One of the ways to do it is to send product ratings and reviews created by previous clients. Word-Of-The-Mouth marketing is still highly efficient. Take advantage of it by showing the client that other users have enjoyed your product.

In the email, you can mention that the products left in the cart have high ratings and reviews.

2. Focus On One Product

Many customers put numerous similar products in their carts in order to choose the best one later. For some of them, “later” never comes since they can’t make a good decision.

In your ACE, you can focus on a single product and mention its advantages over others. Choose the highest rated product in the cart and explain to the customer how beneficial it has been for other users.

While explaining the advantages of one product, don’t forget to mention how the client can benefit from purchasing it at your store.

Focusing on one product in the email is visually more efficient than listing all the products that the customer left in the cart. This approach requires more work but brings better results.

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9 Abandoned Cart Emails You May Want To Use To Reclaim Your Clients

Let’s look at highly efficient ACE phrases, which you can take advantage of in your campaign. Make sure to add originality to your emails in order not to copy the competition.

#1 “Where did you go?”

Getting personal with the client makes a person feel needed and missed. Adding such phrases as “we miss you” can work as well.

This type of email is simple and gets to the point almost immediately after catching your attention. After the question, straightforward information about which store the email is from and which item shouldn’t be abandoned in the cart must follow.

“Your Bluetooth speaker is waiting for you right here”. Use a photo of the item as a reminder.

abandoned cart email example email

#2 “I wanted to find out what happened”

To make this email efficient, you have to use the client’s first name and write as if you are having a dialogue. It’s another personalization trick, which is likely to work.

Make sure you add a link to the product as well as a link to the contact or feedback form. A “get me” button is a good addition to any abandoned email.

Decorating such a message with images can make it more productive. Don’t forget to add the image of the item left in the cart.

abandoned cart email example email

#3 “The shopping cart is lonely. It still has your “….” in it”.  

Use the trick described above to focus on the item with the best ratings.

If you know your audience well, you can take advantage of images that are more specific to their interest. Be sure to include a call to action at the end of the email. Fill it with a sense of urgency.

#4 “Come back. We’ve got a surprise!”

A sure way to make the customer come back is to promise him or her something. Consider offering a discount on shipping or another incentive to help the client complete the purchase.

Illustrate the surprise with a gift box or a kid covering his or her eyes. It’s a way to intrigue the customers and get them to make a magic “click”. Use relaxed and laid back language to make the customer identify with you.

If you can create a sense of fun and personality, you can ensure the appeal of your email, which is likely to bring the customer back to the cart and make a purchase.

activetrail abandoned cart email example email

#5 “You overlooked an important point”.

Mention that the customer has forgotten something. It’s another opportunity to describe the benefits of purchasing the product.

When you are listing the important points, keep the email short and concise, but leave something untold. For more information, the customer should click the link and go back to the website or the cart.

Always use your brand name and the item’s photo in such emails. Many clients don’t remember what exactly they’ve left in the cart. To have more chances of getting a conversion, take advantage of photos of the item in the cart, which you don’t have on your website. Extra details may finalize the sale.

Add a “Get back in there” CTA. It’s fun

activetrail abandoned cart email example email jcrew

#6 “The last one is left”

It may be a dirty trick, but it works. Tell the customer that he or she has the last chance of buying an item that is almost out of stock.

This is a great push for the client to make a purchase before it’s too late.

Any images that can demonstrate the urgency, like melting ice cream, can be a wonderful addition to this ACE.

activetrail abandoned cart email example email modcloth

#7 “One simple click can turn into an amazing experience”.

Let the customer know how easy it is to complete the transaction. Make sure to include an easy link to take the client to the abandoned cart.

This type of email requires a beautiful design or even a video. They don’t have to be associated with the item directly but make a customer think about something pleasant.

You can also use a video of someone taking advantage of one of the items in the cart. This can work better than any CTA.

activetrail abandoned cart email example email activetrail

#8 “We offer free delivery just for you”.

If a client leaves the cart after seeing the shipping and handling fee, you have a good chance of finalizing the sale by offering free delivery.

Everyone loves freebies. So this type of email shouldn’t be overwhelmed with videos or images. All you have to do is make sure the message is loud and clear.

To speed up the process, you can mention that the free delivery offer is about to expire.

#9 “The cart is so heavy; it will topple over right now!”

By using humor in your abandoned cart emails, you are upping the chances of the client coming back for more shopping.

Humorous images can do wonders as well. A toppling over cart is a must-have for such an email. A humorous CTA should follow. Consider something like “be a gentlemen, don’t let me fall”.


Abandoned cart emails can improve your marketing campaign and boost sales. With almost three-quarters of the clients leaving items in the cart, failing to follow up is a big mistake. By taking advantage of the above tricks, you can turn an abandoned cart into a finalized purchase with just a few words.


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