5 Tips for Optimizing Your Emails Marketing Campaign

Email is a strong channel for businesses to reach customers. With the millions of emails being sent out to different users every day, it’s no question why businesses are slowly turning to email marketing automation software to help them out with their business. However, simple email marketing campaigns are no longer enough to help you accomplish your business objectives.

But how can you amp up your email marketing campaigns? As a business, you have to learn how to optimize your emails for better results and refine your strategies. Optimization is making sure your emails get the best possible open and click through rates. These are the very critical metrics marketers try to monitor every time they execute email campaigns.

With e-commerce businesses, optimization is an important skill to master because you can draw audiences to your site with a well-thought-of email. Your lifeline is the digital world and sending out effective and efficient emails will be able to help you reach your objectives. In fact, email has a median Return on Investment of 122% which is four times higher than other marketing executions. If you get your strategy right, there’s a good chance that audiences will come flocking to your site.


Here are 5 tips to help you optimize your email marketing:

Properly Segment Your List

Before sending out emails, marketers have to understand who their audience is. It is in identifying who your audiences are that you’ll be able to create the right lists for your business. Once the lists have been properly segmented, it will now be easier for you to tailor fit relevant content to your subscribers. With relevant content, you can expect to have engagement increase.

There’s a number of ways you can segment your list. Some of the popular ones are based on gender, age, location, order value, past purchases, recent activity or inactivity and more. Look into your existing database and understand what type of people are present. From there, you can create the correct lists that’ll match your business needs.

Write a Powerful Subject Line and Preview Text

The subject line is the first thing that your audience will notice. Make the first impression count by writing a captivating subject line that will intrigue and call the attention of your reader. To support a powerful subject line, a preview text should be the final hook for them to finally open your email.

Make sure that your subject line is short and concise so it won’t be cut short on mobile. Choose words that will pique the interests of your readers and convince them to open your email. To make sure you connect with them, make the subject relevant and address a certain concern.

subject line

Use a Perfect Email Template Design

Study the features and elements available for each email marketing automation software that’s in the market right now. Also, identify the needs of your business. When you have these details on hand, it’ll be easier for you to shortlist and finalize the perfect software for you!

Once you’ve narrowed down on the perfect software for your business, it’s time to create a perfect email template design. To come up with the perfect template, take note of the following elements:

  1. “From” name should be something customers can easily recognize.
  2. Attention-grabbing subject line and preview text.
  3. Interesting email or body copy partnered with relevant images.
  4. A bold and compelling call to action.
  5. Visible social media buttons.

email template

Optimize for Mobile

It was mentioned earlier that the subject line should be short and concise to avoid any cuts on a user’s screen. You have to keep this in mind especially now that more customers are checking their emails on their phone as they are on-the-go most of the time!

Most of the email marketing automation software offers a feature where you can preview how an email will look like. Take the time to browse through the whole of your email and make sure all elements (like buttons, texts, and images) have the correct dimensions so they’ll be displayed correctly on both desktops and mobile phones.


Send at the Right Time

According to studies, the best times are 10:00 AM and between 8:00 PM to 12:00MN. The reasons vary between people might be looking for distractions while at work or are resting so they have time to check their inboxes.

Of course, this is just a baseline or a place where you could kick things off. It will still depend on how your current audience will react to your campaigns. This is where the reports produced by your email marketing automation software will come into play. Analyze them well so that you, as a marketer, will have a better understanding of your market reacts to your emails.

To optimize even further, use the ‘Just in Time’ tool before launching your next email campaign.

Now, with all these points to serve as a guide for your future email campaigns, take note that optimization and refining of strategies is a continuous and unending effort. There is no one type of email, content, and schedule to rule them all. As a marketer, you have to learn to adapt and improve your campaigns by analyzing the report data extracted from your previous emails.


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