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    ActiveTrail and VerticalResponse are both online services used for creating Email marketing campaigns and automation. However, VerticalResponse lacks many of the valuable abilities that exist in ActiveTrail. One crucial difference is that ActiveTrail offers its users the use of not only Email but also SMS marketing. The possibility to reach audiences with SMS messages and the essential blend of Email and SMS marketing campaigns are an indispensable tool for marketers. If you fail to include SMS messages in your campaigns, you miss a significant channel of direct communication with your audience. ActiveTrail also offers its users the advanced ability of predictive sending, a built-in data-based system which is capable of discerning the ideal time to send your email campaign, on an individual basis for each contact. This feature, called ‘Just in Time,’ will help you maximize campaign open rates and increase earnings. Unlike VerticalResponse, ActiveTrail supplies online shop owners with specific tools meant to improve the performance of their stores, such as cart abandonment Emails, cross-sell & up-sell Emails and SMS messages, as well as reactivation automation. These can be vital to the success of e-commerce businesses. The biggest advantage ActiveTrail has over VerticalResponse is, of course, it’s pricing. ActiveTrail offers you very flexible and affordable email and SMS packages, whether it’s a monthly package, an email package or an annual payment package. ActiveTrail’s support team of skilled marketing experts is available to assist you via a telephone call, chat or Email. Make sure to contact us for more information on ActiveTrail.