Spam complaints reports

ActiveTrail’s reports system allows you to keep track of the percentage of unsubscribes, spam reports and incorrect email addresses.

Following up on your clients’ responses to your emails will help you minimize the percentage of unsubscribes and avoid spam reports. ActiveTrail’s system collects the information for you, automatically, concerning each one of your campaigns.

Common report:

spam report

The report presents information regarding each campaign individually, allowing you to compare different campaigns and thus better understand your clients’ activity.

Complaints: Each email provider allows users to file spam complaints regarding your emails. The system gathers these complaints and displays them by username and email.

Unsubscribes: See which users chose to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Errors: Displays error messages received by the system. There are three types of error messages:

• Soft: The recipient’s inbox is full or the account has been frozen.

• Hard: The email address doesn’t exist or has been entered incorrectly.

• Transient: Connection problems or an error concerning the email provider.

ActiveTrail’s reports system displays all the information you need, so that you can learn to know your clients and their habits, to maximize the success of your campaigns.