Mobile reports

The effectiveness of your campaign is measured in many methods. ActiveTrail provides for you not only the percentage of opened emails, but also the platform with which they were opened.

More than 40% of your recipients will use a mobile device to view your campaigns such as a cellphone or tablet. Mobile vs Desktop reports analyze the viewing habits of your recipients and present an easy-to-read report.

mobile reports

Why should you care how your clients view your campaigns?

Understanding your clients’ habits is the key to improving your campaigns and is the only way to insure you reach a maximum number of customers. For example, if you notice that most of your clients are opening their emails by use of a mobile phone, then you can speculate that most of them are probably on the road, at a meeting, in a restaurant, etc. when they open your emails that says a lot about their habits.

Information gives you power to improve! Use this information to make your campaign more targeted towards your recipients’ character.

You can even view which browsers (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox etc.) and which operating systems (iOS, Android etc.) your customers use, and make sure your content is displayed correctly in the most popular ones.

mobile reports

With ActiveTrail you can get all the information you need about your campaign with just a click of the mouse.