How to Integrate Your Blog with Your Email Marketing Platform

Integrate your WordPress Blog with Your Email Marketing Platform

In this age of multi-channel / omnichannel marketing, it would be insane not to integrate your blog with your email marketing software. Integration provides seamless user experience and lead generation management.

Your blog and email list are the powerhouses of your marketing efforts. They grow your brand on their own, but if you integrate them, their synergy intensely multiplies.

Having a sign-up form on your blog site gives you a chance to continually stay connected with your readers. Meanwhile, your email list can also be used to direct your subscribers back to your site. Integration makes this easy so you can focus on creating useful contents instead.  

Building and maintaining your email list are not the only features you can get from integration. You can also add icons and tabs on your blogs that will make management easier for you and navigation smoother for your users. They also give you data triggers that are important for your lead generation.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a coding expert to seamlessly integrate your platforms. There are several tools you can use, just pick the most convenient for you and your team. Here are some integration capabilities to choose from, all these tools are available in ActiveTrail.

Integration Capabilities for your WordPress Blog

1. Restful API and Webhooks

Restful API is a tool used for intersystem integration. The software makes it possible for you to create, read, update, and delete functions from anywhere.

To start using the software, log in to the ActiveTrail system, and proceed to the account’s settings. Click on the tab ‘API app’ where you can create an access token. Through the access tokens you can connect to other systems outside of WordPress.

To create an access token, click on ‘new’, this will lead you to the box below which you need to fill out:

API app

After you click ‘save’, the access token you created will show on a list under ‘API apps’:


After the API apps tab in your account settings is the ‘Events’ or ‘Webhooks’tab. These are updates of the system’s recipients’ data. The data can be updated manually or automatically.

2. Zapier

Integrating Zapier with your blog allows you to simultaneously use different apps without writing a single line of code. The software incorporates your email marketing campaigns, social media efforts, scheduling, bookkeeping, team collaboration, and more.

To start using Zapier on your WordPress blog, register, and log in to your Zapier and email marketing provider. Then add your email marketing software and WordPress to Zapier. Now you can use any combination within 750 compatible systems with Zapier.

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3. Contact Form 7

A contact form is one of the most essential plug-ins you can add to your WordPress blog. Your email list is the bloodline of your digital success and you can’t grow it without a contact form.

There are many ways of embedding signup forms from email marketing platforms. Below is how you embed a signup form using Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7 is ActiveTrail’s integration plugin. To use this on your WordPress blog, download the ActiveTrail Plugin first.


After the download is complete, log in to WordPress’s dashboard and click on the “Plugins” button.  Select “Add New” and click on “activetrail-contact-form-7.1.0”.


Go to your “Plugins” list and find Contact Form 7. Click on “Settings” then open a window showing the form’s code, with a new “ActiveTrail” tab.

cf 7 cod

Fill out the form.

Token ID

To get a Token ID, sign-in to your ActiveTrail account and go to “More” >> ”Integrations” >> ”API” and then “Apps”. Click on “New”, name the file and click on “Save”.

Access token

A dialogue which displays the “Access token” for you to copy will appear. Then pick a group list to which contacts from the new form will be added. Lastly, return to your WordPress dashboard and paste the data.

Email marketing


Email marketing automation software that can be integrated with WordPress and other marketing tools makes your work better and easier. Smart integrations save money and time.

Lead generation and nurturing are more successful if all your marketing platforms are integrated. Statistics show that triggered emails have a 70.5% better open rate and 152% more click-through rate than generic emails. Merging your blog, social media, email marketing, and productivity apps ensures that all your platforms are working together to reach your brand goals.