March 2018 Release Updates

We hope that your new year was rung in with celebrations and successful beginnings. At ActiveTrail, the shift from 2017 to 2018 brought with it a lot of hard work on innovations and new developments…

We have upgraded the integration with Zapier (now sending SMS messages is as easy as pie); added personalization of SMS campaigns to our automations system; enhanced the system’s support for a ton of new emojis; enabled importing contacts from an FTP server; and we have opened up the option to use hidden fields on landing pages and sign-up forms.

So, here we go:

1. ActiveTrail – Zapier Integration

Now it’s official – ActiveTrail has launched it’s own integration with Zapier, and hundreds of clients in Israel and around the globe are already enjoying its fruits. In addition, the two companies are partnering more closely to increase their collaborative efforts.Now, you can search for ActiveTrail directly in the Zapier marketplace and start connecting your ActiveTrail account to any other third-party system in your employ, without having to write a single line of code. For example: CMS systems (such as WordPress), cloud solutions (e.g. Google Sheets), CRM systems (e.g. Salesforce) and many other great applications…

** A friendly and worthwhile reminder that ActiveTrail boasts a very intuitive and user-friendly RESTful API for developers that wish to integrate with other systems. However, for those who aren’t interested or do not have the capacity to do so, Zapier integration offers the ultimate solution. **

אינטגרציית זאפייר-אקטיב טרייל

Get Started:

  1. Register and log in to your Zapier and ActiveTrail accounts.
  2. Add ActiveTrail to your account in Zapier using a TOKEN issued to you in ActiveTrail.
  3. Start interfacing ActiveTrail with any of the hundreds of systems that Zapier works with.

Here are examples of useful Zaps* that you can already create, right now:

* “Zap” is the name in Zapier for a connection between two systems via Zapier.

Ahh… and it doesn’t end there – sending SMS messages through Zapier could not be simpler. Now, you can effortlessly send text messages to subscribers, automatically, in response to an event (a trigger) that occurred in a different system!

Get it done:

  1. Select the appropriate trigger, e.g.: your upcoming webinar on GotoWebinar.
  2. Choose ActiveTrail as your “action” system, e.g.: sending a reminder SMS with connection details to webinar registrants.
  3. Fill in all of the necessary fields: from name (name of sender), telephone number, message content…
  4. And that’s it. Ready? Action!

הגדרת שליחת הודעת סמס באמצעות זאפייר-אקטיב טרייל

Our Zapier integration connects ActiveTrail to all of your organization’s systems and lets you create smarter, automated marketing campaigns to grow your sales, strengthen your ties with your customers and maximize your ROI.

Learn more about it in our Learning Center:

Integrating with the ActiveTrail System- through Zapier

Sending SMS Messages via Zapier

Or from our blog:

How to Integrate ActiveTrail with Any System- Using Zapier!

As always, we’d be happy to get your feedback!

So, if you have something to tell us, don’t hesitate to call us at +1 (212) 203-0074, or to write to us via our website.

2. Personalizing SMS Messages as Part of Automation

Combining text messages with email campaigns as part of your automated customer journeys can substantially increase the odds of your mailings being read by customers. Consequently, if you’re subscriber mailing list includes both email addresses and telephone numbers, the number of possible automation scenarios you can create is endless! And now, you can give your automatic text messages a boost by addressing recipients personally (Name, City, Age, Personalized Coupon etc.):

SMS automation personalization

3. Importing Contacts from an FTP Server

If, up till now, you could import a contacts file, only by uploading a file saved on your computer, well, things have changed, for the better, of course. From here on in, you may also import contacts from a file stored on an FTP server:

FTP server

** Important: To enable this feature, please contact our support department at +1 (212) 203-0074, via chat, or by email. **

4. Expanding the Types of Emoji Supported by the System

Good news for all of you who (rightfully) like to use emoji to spice up and give emphasis to your campaign subject lines. We have expanded the ActiveTrail system’s emoticon support to include a tremendous selection of different and varied emoji:

emoji in subject line

Read also: Best Email Subject Lines to Boost Your Email Open Rates

5. Using a Hidden Field on Sign up Forms

We have made available to you the option to add hidden fields to forms on landing pages and sign-up forms. A hidden field lets you, for example, mark the form so that you may know through which form a certain subscriber added themselves to your mailing list. You can fill hidden fields with individualized values or with values from the page’s URL:

Hidden fields

This allows you to track the origin of the traffic from which the lead came from, such as email, Facebook, a referring partner, and more …

Well, that’s it for this time around.

And, as always, wishing you elevated opening rates and sky-high ROI.


The ActiveTrail Team


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