What’s new? ActiveTrail’s Release updates March 2019

What does the March 2019 product update include? Quite a few exciting innovations, improvements, and developments, including the launch of ActiveTrail’s e-commerce platform, several upgrades to our SMS and reporting system, the addition of a wide variety of fonts and templates and a new, comfortable to use, image editor that will make editing and designing images much easier for you.  

So, let’s get started…

Dozens of mobile responsive templates, hot off the press

We’ve updated our inventory! You can now find dozens of new templates in our system, which suit the wide variety of business’ needs and contain many marketing messages, including:

  • Templates suitable for events and conferences
  • Templates suitable for holidays and special occasions
  • Templates suitable for various content sites
  • Sales and marketing templates

The wide variety of templates will help you save precious time previously spent on designing and editing your content! All you need to do is choose the template that best suits your email or newsletter, add your personal content and tweak it so that it’s aligned with your brand language and image (colors, fonts, and images) – et voila! Your content will be instantly ready.

Read more about our newly designed templates >>

version update templates 5

2. Improvements & updates with a focus on email design:

2.1. A brand new image editor

Filters, frames, stickers, size and volume changes, the ability to add texts, shapes, and many more possibilities. Our new and advanced image editor enables you to make small and large changes to any image you include in any campaign.

Image editor english activetrail

2.2. A variety of new fonts sure to leave their mark

We added a wide variety of new fonts to our registration forms and landing pages, which you can also use in the designing of your newsletters and emails, as they serve as prime opportunities to align your brand’s language with the content you put out.

AT179 Version Update Fonts Img Templat ENG

3. A new and innovative tool to take your mailing list management to the next level

Simultaneously managing several mailing lists has never been easier!

Do you manage multiple mailing lists? Now, you can allow your subscribers to sign up and add themselves to more than one list – according to their interests. Or, you can enable your subscribers to remove themselves from any subscription list they want.

With this feature, you’ll be able to strengthen your relationships with your subscribers, significantly. Personalization according to content will allow subscribers to understand that your brand thinks of them as individuals and wants to invest in more focused content that suits their individual needs.

As soon as every subscriber selects the mailing lists they wish to belong to, greater value will be injected into the emails you send, as your subscribers will feel that they are being contacted personally and directly, leading to an increased email open rate, as well as an increased conversion rate from your campaigns.

During the design stage of your campaign, select the “button” content block:

button activetrail version update en

When editing the link, be sure to select “system page” and then “edit mailing list”:

screenshot mailing list for version update 2

When a subscriber receives an email and opens the link, he will be presented with the following form and can independently select the content they wish to receive from you – and the content he would prefer to do without.

Version update personalization

The mailing list management tool creates a significant advantage for business owners who wish to comply with GDPR regulations as precisely and as efficiently as possible.

Read more about email marketing segmentation >  

4. New! ActiveTrail for e-commerce

Do you manage an online store? Now you can easily integrate ActiveTrail with your e-commerce store on Magento, Shopify, or PrestaShop. Active Commerce enables you to automatically send emails and SMS messages critical to e-commerce sites, including cart abandonment emails, order tracking emails, or “dormant” customer correspondences.

The bottom line – our platform will grow your sales, exponentially.

The integration between ActiveTrail and e-commerce will enable you to better measure your campaign metrics, use collected data on subscribers and optimize your campaigns to boost your email open rates and conversion rates.

Read more about ActiveTrail for e-commerce >

AT179 Version Update blog Img Ecommerc ENG

5. All the SMS system updates you must know about:

5.1 Automatic verification of phone numbers via SMS

The SMS system now verifies phone numbers and identifies fake or incorrect numbers. This enables you to identify and get rid of invalid numbers, while only sending SMS campaigns to authentic subscribers.

Did you send an SMS to a number that doesn’t actually exist? The identification feature will automatically filter out subscribers whose numbers are invalid, and exclude them upon sending your next campaign.

This way, you’ll save on sending out SMS messages that will never reach their intended destination, and you’ll be able to create and monitor a report on this irregulars activity.

The feature, therefore, helps improve the accuracy of your SMS deployment, in addition to reducing your SMS package budget, as unnecessary messages will not be sent to subscribers with invalid numbers.

Read the full guide on creating an SMS campaign with ActiveTrail >

5.2 Expanded character limitations

The character limitation on SMS campaigns has been doubled and is currently set at 1,005 characters per SMS. This makes SMS messages a reliable method for sending out long operational messages, forms or contracts.

Note that payment is still calculated on a per-credit basis, according to the SMS package you have purchased.

6. Other parameters to measure and report on

Now, when you examine your sign-up form report, you’ll be able to see exactly how many people were exposed to the form. This option will enable you to compare impressions to conversion rates and learn how to optimize your subscription forms, if necessary.

popupsen version updates

As always, if you have any feedback or questions about the updates, please don’t hesitate to contact us – our support team is available Sunday through Thursday, between the hours of 09:00 – 18:00, by phone at +1 (929) 214-1037, via chat or via email.