Use Integromat to Connect ActiveTrail to Hundreds of Apps


The Next Level of Integration Is Here!

We are all experts in using and managing countless apps, extensions, and software, that’s why with all the different technologies that are available to make our jobs easier, nothing is more crucial than using a smart, simple and powerful integration platform.

This is where Integromat comes in the picture – without writing any codes, you will be able to create intricate integrations, with dozens of different commands to choose from and automate your work process.

Why Integromat?

Chosen as the start-up of the week this past January, Integromat is one of the most advanced online automation platforms the market has to offer. Its role is to seamlessly connect apps and services so we could concentrate on new tasks, rather than repeating the same tasks.

Ondrej Gazda, one of the co-founders of Integromat states that most companies need a third party service in order to operate efficiently but in most cases, these services don’t communicate with each other directly and that’s what Integromat does best.

Integromat enables integration between over 220 different applications and cloud-based services. Its high point is that if you can’t find the app or service you are looking for, Integromat has the option to use HTTP/SOAP and JSON modules to easily connect to almost any web service.

Moreover, it offers a dozen scenarios compared to a max number of 3 with their competitors and is the only integration platform in which it’s possible to schedule the scenario to run only on specific days and times, for example, during working hours.

How Activetrail Works with Integromat?

Integromat has a visual and simple way of doing things, with a beautiful user interface where you’re not only creating integrations, but you can also watch them run in real time.

You can connect ActiveTrail to hundreds of apps with thousands of different modules and you can use that to automate all of your email marketing tasks in various ways, such as:

  • Create ActiveTrail contacts from new Google Sheets spreadsheets rows – Every time a new row is added to your Google Sheets spreadsheet, Integromat will automatically create a new contact in ActiveTrail.
    Inregromat - Google Sheets and Activetrail
  • Add new SalesForce leads to ActiveTrail as contacts – Every time a new lead is created in SalesForce, Integromat will automatically create a new contact in ActiveTrail.
    Integromat - SalesForce and ActiveTrail
  • Create ActiveTrail contacts from new Shopify customers – Every time a new customer is added in Shopify, Integromat will automatically create a new contact in ActiveTrail.

And so much of your online work can be automated to make your life and business run simpler, the options are virtually unlimited.

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So How Do You Start?

  • Sign up for free and open your account with Integromat here.
  • Find your Dashboard and click the ‘Create a new scenario’ button.
  • When creating your first scenario using ActiveTrail, Integromat will prompt you to connect after you choose your module.
  • Click the Add button to begin your connection.
  • Find your API key by logging to your ActiveTrail account and connect it by pasting it into the panel in Integromat, than click ‘Continue’.
  • And that’s all there is to it, you have now connected successfully to Integromat!

In conclusion, customizing the scenarios Integromat has to offer will lead you to simpler work processes and leave you with spear time to focus on what’s really important, your customers.

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