Take the ActiveTrail 10 Minute Newsletter Campaign Challenge

Newsletter campaigns are sometimes tasks that a business owner dreads as he tries to juggle all of the other important things that the company needs to do on a monthly basis. For someone who isn’t technically-minded, newsletter campaigns also appear to be something that must be difficult and complicated to create. The good news is that with ActiveTrail’s easy-to-use interface, creating newsletter campaigns can be completed in a matter of minutes.

newsletter campaigns

Set up your mailing list

A newsletter campaign is only as good as the list you send it to. It’s easy to import existing customer lists from Excel, Gmail and popular CRMs into ActiveTrail, and sort your readership in different groups. Once it’s done that one time, you’ll never need to do it again. ActiveTrail’s active triggers makes it easy to automate a lot of this busywork in the future – when customers perform actions like checking out a sales deal, they can be automatically flagged as a budget-conscious consumer, for example.

Why bother with splitting your customers into different groups? Sending the right type of newsletter or marketing to the right customers can drastically increase the read rate percentage. Send sales to those who have a history of responding to sales, for example. This will have more customers performing the actions you’d like them to, instead of deciding to remove themselves from your mailing list because you’ve been sending them too many generic emails.

Design your newsletter

ActiveTrail takes all of the difficulty out of designing a newsletter, with a dozen of impressive high quality newsletter templates that you can use immediately.

It’s important to note that around half of emails are first read on smartphones, so not optimizing your emails for these devices can have a strong negative effect on your click-through rates. Fortunately, instead of having to worry about creating multiple templates for different screen sizes, ActiveTrail’s templates are built with ‘responsive design’, meaning that the newsletter will be automatically optimized for each type and size of screen the email is viewed on. ActiveTrail’s templates not only look great on both desktop computers and mobile devices, but if you do want to customize them further then you can use the newsletter editor to easily make them your own, all from the comfort of your web browser. No HTML knowledge is necessary.

(Optional) Add a landing page

While the above does include the essentials you need to start sending out your first newsletter campaign, it’s going to be smart to create a landing page that users will reach when they click through on your email, and once again ActiveTrail has you covered. The landing page creator is a fast way to create a landing page that not only complements your newsletter’s call-to-action, but looks great and loads fast too. You can use this landing page to track how many customers have clicked through on your advertisement and even offer them a personalized sales offer that will blow their socks off.

It’s extremely easy to build a newsletter marketing campaign with ActiveTrail, and it won’t even take you too long to get it all set up and ready to go.

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