Switch to auto-pilot: the automatic emails that will do your work for you

You invested in an adwords campaign, you designed a special landing page for an affordable package for new customers, and you embedded a mailing list sign up form, so your users can stay up to date on the special benefits you offer. The only problem? Your competitors did all of this too… So what now?


How would your customers, those who receive dozens of emails each month, remember who you are and would want to hear what you have to say to them?

That’s Where Autoresponders Enter

The autoresponder is a feature that allows you to send an automated email or a series of automated emails to your customers, based on a trigger, which you decided on beforehand. This trigger can be your customer signing up to your mailing list, having a birthday or any other occasion that may be relevant to your marketing layout.

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The autoresponder is in your hands and with a little creativity, it can be one of the most efficient, successful ways for you to obtain and retain your customers’ attention for a long time to come. You create each campaign only once, after which it is sent automatically to your customers, continuing to market you and your product without you needing to lift another finger!

The autoresponder campaign is the easiest and most effective way to talk to your recipients and bond with them.

Which Emails Should I Send With Autoresponder?

Email Series for New Users

Let’s say that you own a movie theater chain called “Awesome  Cinemas” and Michelle just signed up for your mailing list – to receive updates on new movies, discounts and sales you have to offer her.

Mail #1

Taking off. Send Michelle an email to introduce yourself and tell her about what you’re all about- thank her for signing up for your mailing list, maybe ask her to add you to her safe senders list, tell her a little about the movie theater, how long it has been around, where all of the branches are located, what kind of movies are usually shown and what is your agenda. This way Michelle will get acquainted with you and “Adir cinemas” will begin to ring a familiar bell with her.

This initial introduction is very important, since it gives your customers the feeling that you care and that you’re excited they signed up for your mailing list. In order to create a more personal connection, don’t forget to use personalization in your email.

Skype’s introduction email:

מייל הכרות סקייפ

Mail #2

Three days after (or five, or six, it’s up to you!), send Michelle an email that will make her like you. Michelle isn’t a loyal “Awesome Cinema” customer yet. She hasn’t read your blog and she’s only seen one or two movies in your theater. She still doesn’t know exactly what you have to offer her.

Want Michelle to know you well, like your veteran customers know you? Send her an email with a list of “Our Most Successful Articles” and this way you will make sure that none of your new customers are missing out on the quality content that you write.

Do you have appealing videos that you invested time and hard work in? Send an autoresponder email to all of your new customers and attach them.

Take advantage of this platform to send your content and messages to your customers and cause them to fall for you along the way!

Mail #3

About ten days after, send Michelle an email with the best movies that were shown at “Awesome Cinema” in 2015, or with the excellent reviews that the movie theater received. You can also include a survey that asks Michelle about her movie preferences. Continue to stay in contact, and this way you’ll know that Michelle isn’t missing out on anything important.

Special Event Emails

Want your customers to have an extra special birthday?

Send them an email with a special sale or gift, and set it up so that it would be sent out on their birthday, or better yet, a week before- so they can enjoy your gift on their actual birthday.

Emails for E-Commerce shoppers  

You can send automated emails in order to maximize the sale process on your store. For example, send a reminder email to those customers who abandoned their cart during the checkout process, or perhaps an email to those customers who already made a purchase, with recommendations on related items. With ActiveCommerce you have advanced marketing automation software options that help you turn one-time customers into returning customers easily and efficiently.

Emails Sent to Customers Based on Specific Actions

You can set up your system so that each recipient who conducts a specific action will receive a relevant newsletter which, conveniently enough, you’ve prepared ahead of time. ActiveTrigger allows you to create email templates that will be automatically sent to those customers that activate the trigger, for example, those who click on a certain link. This way, for instance, you can send a newsletter that offers your recipients a link to watch your webinar, and set it so that anyone who clicks on the link, and thus watches the webinar, receives a related email.

For example, Skyword’s invitation to their webinar:

הזמנה לוובינר

As you can see, the automated emails that you create turn into a well-oiled marketing machine (if you oiled it up well enough, of course) that works for you. Make a onetime investment and the opportunities that it will open for you more opportunities than you imagine.

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