How to use ActiveTrail’s automation system? #2 A recommended series of autoresponders for B2B companies

Have you started playing with our new automation system? There’s no better time than the present!

In this article we’ll learn which emails should be sent to new B2B systems customers in our system’s guide and introduction automation.

You’re welcome to send any emails you desire within the automation, but these are emails we believe are a must as autoresponders to new customers in B2B systems:

Email #1 – Thank you for joining us

The first email after any sign-up to a system has to be a “thank-you-for-signing-up” email. In this email, of course, you’ll thank your new members for choosing you and tell them a little about your system.  In addition, give some details about the emails you’ll be sending your new members in the near future, so they’ll keep following you.

Don’t forget to put in all the relevant links to your website.

The first email that ActiveTrail sends in our Training Automation:

thank-you activetrail

Another thank-you email works the same way and explains which emails the newsletter’s contacts will get from now on from eMarketer(a company that produces reports and data on marketing subjects):


Email #2 – a webinar invitation

You’re running a monthly webinar about your system or you’ve filmed a webinar and uploaded it to your website or to You Tube?

Of course every new customer of yours has to know about the opportunity to watch the webinar or to participate in it!

Send an email with a referral to your webinar and let your customers know where they can contact you. It’s important to give your customers the feeling that they have someone to talk to, especially in the case of B2B customers.  The webinar is an excellent way to introduce your system to your customers and to explain to them how to work with it. Besides, the webinar is a great way to address your customers in a more personal manner.

Through the webinar invitation email you’re starting a relationship with your customers and making them feel comfortable about contacting you.

Here is an email from the NewsCred platform inviting its customers to a webinar.  The email explains why it’s worthwhile to join the next webinar and what will be taught in it:


Email #3, #4, and #5 – Meet the feature

A training automation is meant to grant new customers or those signing up for a trial period as full and complete an acquaintance with your system as possible.

You most certainly have a variety of features, abilities, and advanced options in your system that you’ve put a lot of effort into, and you must present them to your customers, otherwise all that investment will go to waste.

Invest in a detailed email about each major feature. Write how the feature can benefit your customers and explain how to activate it in your system.

Here is, for example, an email we send as part of the training automation that explains about our landing pages system and how to build a landing page in ActiveTrail:

landing page

If you have a number of important features that you want to present to your customers, don’t make do with one email.  Every few days, send an email with a new feature.  You may have a customer who’s more interested in one feature and won’t use another feature at all; you want to give your customers the option to read up on all your features, so they’ll know how to use whatever they need and won’t run into complications.

Here’s an example of emails that are sent by Snappa, a picture and image design Software Company, in its automation for new customers.  The email includes a link to a video explaining how to use one of their main features:


Email #6 – Content that’s relevant to your customers

If you’re managing a high quality blog on your website and you have tips and interesting articles to send to your customers, this is the time and the place for it.  Remember that we’re talking about your new customers who aren’t yet familiar with your content and your blog.  Gather the content that you think will be most helpful for beginners or your best content in general, and send it within your introduction-to-your-system automation.

You can send a collection of links to your articles or write a new article especially for this email.

Here’s a “tips” article we send within the automation:


This is an email of articles that the CoSchedule Company sends its customers within its automation:


Email #7 – Your trial period is ending in 3,2,1…!

In most cases the training automation, the introduction to your system, will be sent to your new leads who sign up for a trial period in your system, which in most cases lasts for 30 days.

After you check whether or not these leads became paying customers, send a reminder to those who aren’t your permanent customers yet and tell them about the end of the trial period.

Send a number of reminders on the subject – a week before, three days before, and on the day the trial period ends.  At any rate, don’t forget to remind your contacts that it’s about to end, and that you don’t want it to end this way!

In these reminders, go over your main features again.  Here, for example, our 3-days-left reminder email:


A special offer email towards the end of the trial period:


Now that you know how to build an introduction automation properly, you can relax.  As soon as you build the automation and activate it, you can be sure your leads are being well taken care of.

Start building the automation

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