How Can Online Surveys Create Effective Marketing Results

Online survey tools

In an ideal world, data is gathered via one source and is displayed to perfectly fit our needs and intentions. However, our human nature is to look for shortcuts, that’s why it is imminent to use multiple tools for data analysis.
The best source of marketing data comes from your clients, and what way is more intuitive than simply asking them to share their thoughts? That’s exactly where surveys come in, and they can provide the simple, yet invaluable, access to your data gold-mine.

There are plenty of tools that can analyze your clients’ behavior, yet they fail when asked to analyze characteristics, reasoning, and offline behaviors. Publishing online surveys can provide you the missing pieces needed to get a more complete picture of who your clients are, what they want and what makes them tick.

Online surveys provide an honest feedback from your clients so you can evaluate your activity within your organization, and compare it to your competitors, allowing you to base your decisions on real information.

Online surveys

Customer experience and online surveys for the mass

Always keep in mind that the purpose of your surveys is to create a better customer experience. When it comes to your relationship with your customers, there is a very thin line between showing them you care and harassing them.  If you want to avoid the latter, you have to use an online surveys software to manage the data received from the surveys.

There are multiple methods out there to conduct surveys, but not too many of them have the perks you really need, especially when it comes to a large database, distribution, and compatibility.

Whether they’re sent through email or published on social media, online surveys can easily reach more people in less time and effort, making the numbers ‘work for you’.

Furthermore, having accessible data online makes it easier than ever to integrate your surveys and their statistics with your CRM system, which provides the opportunity to both access data in real time, and attach names to answers, building a more complete picture of each client, along with the survey’s statistics, thus creating a more personal customer experience.

Every business relies upon its clients, so it only makes sense that their satisfaction would lead to yours.

How to design an effective survey

Designing an effective survey starts with one question – what do you want to achieve?

Whether it’s customer satisfaction, usage habits, or anything else that comes to mind, focusing your questions around it is the key to producing relevant data.

Your questionnaire should follow basic guidelines in order to make it easier to fill and analyze.

Another guideline-question could be “Who is your target audience?”, as you should only target the clients that are most relevant to your goals.

For example, a client that used your service once might have a very different perception than a new client. Remember, the purpose of each survey is to provide you with quality information.
Quantity matters, but is not the only goal.

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