Professional Landing Pages Creator – The Complete Guide

What makes a landing page outstanding?

How can landing pages be professionally designed?

How can a landing page turn readers into potential customers?

professional landing page
Before tackling the task of creating a landing page, ask yourself a few questions:

1. What’s my intention?

In an ideal world, what would my readers do right after they land on my landing page? Would they fill out a sign up form? Would they purchase a product or download an e-book? The first step of any strategy is setting concrete goals.

2. Who am I up against?

Use your competitors’ successes to your advantage, imitation is the most authentic form of flattery. If your competitors are doing something right, why should you start from scratch?

3. Who’s my audience?

What are their hopes and dreams? What do they aspire to? Knowing and understanding your clients is the first step in getting them what they want and need. For example: if you’re targeting middle-class, don’t offer vacation deals that only the rich can afford.

4. How did they get to my landing page?

Your customers may be looking for different things, depending on how they reached your landing page. Consider displaying different messages for readers who reached you via a search engine and readers who were directed from a social network. In an ideal world, the content would be personalized for each and every client, with ActiveTrail’s landing page builder for example, you can personalize your landing page based on many different criteria.

Creating landing pages that convert

After having asked yourselves these 4 questions, and having built the basic design structure of your landing page – it’s time to start thinking about conversion. Landing pages that get the job done are short, well organized and direct. A landing page should provide all the necessary information, and yet not shock the reader with too many details – as they’ll get scared and run away.

Provide quality content. As mentioned above, don’t smother your readers with too much information, but don’t be shy either. Remember that your readers have to receive some value from you or they won’t stay for too long.

The landing page is only a small piece of the funnel. Remember that getting your clients to the landing page is not the final goal. Designing the content and links on your page in precisely the right manner will get the maximum amount of conversions and actions. Links on your page should lead directly to the product page which leads directly to check out and payment, leaving your clients no time for second-guessing themselves.

Make the conversion process easy on your customers. The simpler it is to sign up to your website or mailing list – the more customers you’ll have. Make sure there are no tedious and unnecessary steps on the way to your goal.

As always – the design is what counts. Your landing page’s design is as crucial as the content itself. The landing page must be clear and answer all your readers’ questions without creating any new ones. Navigating your page must be simple and intuitive, avoid pop-ups and anything that creates a barrier between your client and the conversion action.

Obvious call to action. The call to action (purchase, registration, download, etc.) can appear right in the header of your landing page. Tell your readers what you want them to do, shout it loud and clear. Use short sentences or even single words to attract your customers’ attention towards the call to action button.

Eye-catching titles. Most landing pages use the title to make the purpose of the page known, and provide additional information in the subtitle. Keep in mind that the title is the first thing your readers will see – we all know how important first impressions are.

Get into your readers’ heads. Certain words will have a bigger impact on your readers. The word “you” makes the text more intimate, “imagine” gets your readers to picture your product in their minds.

Talk about them. Don’t bore your readers with too much information about yourself. Instead, talk about them and about what they can get from you.

Make an offer. The best way to ensure conversion is to make an offer that is actually hard to refuse. Offer your readers something that is worth their while and they won’t let you down.

Make it look attractive. Images will add color and cheerfulness to your page, thus making your offers more attractive automatically. Visual aids such as arrows will lead your readers in the right direction.

Make sure your content matches the source. If an ad led your customers to your page, make sure your landing page deals with that specific product or idea. Don’t lose customers over landing pages that don’t match the source content.

Don’t ask for more than you can get. If your call to action is filling out a form, try to ask for as little information as possible. The more you ask for the less chances you have of convincing a client to go to the trouble of filling out your form. You’ll always have a chance to ask for more personal information using an email marketing platform such as ActiveTrail.

Share buttons. You’ll be surprised how many people share services and products that they liked on social networks. Share buttons will bring in new leads and increase your customer pool.

Mobile responsive designs. Mobile responsive designs have been known to double conversion rates and even triple them! With ActiveTrail, all landing pages created in the landing page creator will be mobile responsive automatically.

Thank you pages. Ending the purchase process with a ‘thank you’ page is a great way to tell your customers a bit more about yourself and create a good impression. Use the thank you page to direct your customers to other services and products that your company offers.

Short loading time. Landing pages that load slowly have been shown to be considerably less effective than pages that load quickly. Compress your images and check your loading time.

Follow up. Never let your guard down – follow up on your landing pages and keep checking where you can improve. With ActiveTrail’s advanced landing page builder you can follow up on your conversion rates, check which designs work better than others and view your subscription rates and purchases.

Designing a landing page is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Always think of the customers and try to get into their minds – remember that the goal of your landing page is first and foremost to sell. A little bit of creativity is also never a bad thing.

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