The Contribution of Mobile Landing Page to Campaign Results

You can build a fantastic promotional email and send it out to the best mailing list you can muster, but if your landing page is a dud, you can be sure you’re email campaign will be a disaster.

Mobile landing pages have become all the more important, as the percentage of people who browse to a website using a mobile device continues to skyrocket. Thinking about how your landing pages appear on mobile devices isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity.

 mobile responsive landing pages

The importance of responsive mobile landing pages

• 48% of users say that if they arrive upon a website that doesn’t work well on mobile they consider it to be that the company simply “doesn’t care”. For a landing page, this makes for a terrible way to start trying to convert sales, and with over 60% of users first arriving at a site on a mobile device it could be deadly if your webpage is slow or badly designed for mobile.

• 62% of companies who have designed a separate site simply for mobile say that it has increased their sales. Even better if a landing page can be multi-purposed for both mobile and desktop, such as when using ActiveTrail’s landing page creator.

• 90% of web users now use multiple screens sequentially to access websites, jumping from mobile to desktop whenever they need to. Maintaining a strong user experience when they do is vital to keeping users engaged.

• A recent study where landing pages were optimized for iPhone resulted in a 40% increase in conversions. Mobile browser bounce rates (where a user comes to your website only to immediately head back to whence they came) are always higher than standard desktop browser bounce rates, but there’s a lot that can be done to close that gap.

Mobile responsive landing pages

Mobile responsive landing pages are simply landing pages that work well on mobile devices. Mobile devices have smaller screens, limited user interfaces and are often on intermittent or slow connections. Making sure that your mobile landing pages work on as many devices as possible is important. Instead of building a fully-fledged website with all the bells and whistles and then try to degrade it gracefully on mobile devices, it is often better to design for the most basic devices first, and then add more exciting interactions using JavaScript et al only if you know the browsing device supports it. Other things such as image size and the amount of data on each page must be taken into consideration.

Have you checked your landing pages on a mobile device lately? Use ActiveTrail to build, test and perfect your landing pages so they offer the user a fabulous experience no matter what device your potential customers happen to visit your site from.

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