How to choose a landing page template that matches your campaign goals

Landing pages are incredibly important, as they catch the customer at the exact point where they’ve moved from passive browsing to actively showing an interest in your product. Landing page templates are an easy way to get your landing page concept off the ground, but be sure to choose one that’ll complement your campaign goals with the following tips:

landing page template

What does the reader want?

Most important in your landing page template choice is deciding what visitors want and giving it to them as quickly as possible. Some products are inherently more visual than others, and in these cases using a landing page template that puts the focus on the images will convert better than extensive text. Conversely, if the product warrants more in-depth information before making a purchase, a more text-heavy landing page may be the best option.


Being able to personalize the message the visitor first sees, based on where they’ve come from and what we know about them, is a powerful tool. If you plan to take advantage of this using ActiveTrail’s landing page creator, choose landing page templates that makes this easy to accomplish.

Less is more

Seeking landing page templates with all bells and whistles is frequently a false economy. As with most web design these days, users appreciate being able to get to the information they require as quickly and simply as possible without distraction. Choosing a simple, streamlined landing page will also mean there’s no distractions or links away from your landing page’s goal, increasing conversion rates.

Give it to them fast

Choosing a template is not just about having the best looking page, it’s ensuring that the page will load quickly before the user decides to go somewhere else. Image-heavy landing pages or those with videos should still offer the visitor something to keep them interested while the main content is loading.

AB split test

You’re not going to get your landing page just right the first time, and there’s always room to improve for your specific market even if you’ve found what appears to be the best landing page template. If you’re not sure which landing page will give you the best results, consider testing them concurrently with ActiveTrail’s AB Testing to see which performs better.

Be mobile-friendly

landing page template

A huge number of your visitors will likely visit your landing page using a smaller device. Choose a template that degrades gracefully on these devices, or risk losing a sale.

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