Create Flawless Integrations with Zoho Flow and ActiveTrail

zoho flow activetrail integration

Impactful marketing decisions need to be backed by a sufficient amount of data, and this data often lies scattered across the different apps that you use.

Zoho Flow is an integration platform for effortlessly connecting cloud applications and automating complex business workflows. It lets you create and customize integrations, adapt to dynamic business needs, and collaborate with your teammates to build centralized workflows.

Zoho Flow helps easily bring your data together by connecting your apps and automating information exchange among them. That way, the data you need is always complete, and available in the right app at the right time. It works on the basis of integration workflows called ‘flows’ that connect your cloud applications without requiring you to write any code.
Creating a flow is simple. You just set a trigger to start the flow, add a series of actions to follow, save the flow, and switch it on.

The integration options between Zoho Flow and ActiveTrail:

1. Eventbrite-ActiveTrail: Add new Eventbrite attendees to ActiveTrail as a contact
2. BigCommerce-ActiveTrail: Create ActiveTrail contacts for new BigCommerce customer
3. Stripe-ActiveTrail: Send SMS via ActiveTrail for new Stripe charges
4. Google Contacts-ActiveTrail: Copy new Google Contacts to ActiveTrail
5. ActiveTrail-Slack: Notify about new ActiveTrail contacts via Slack
6. Jotform-ActiveTrail: Create and segment ActiveTrail contacts from new Jotform submissions
7. Zoho CRM-Zoho Books-ActiveTrail: Create ActiveTrail contacts, and filter a specified type into Zoho Books, for new leads in Zoho CRM

zohoflow activetrail

Remember,  an essential part of a marketer’s job is to connect well, not just with customers, but also with the team. Zoho Flow makes this easy for you.

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