Write a Successful Newsletter in 10 Simple Steps

No two newsletters are the same; each newsletter deals with a different topic, has a unique style, or a distinctive design. However, at the end of the day, each one answers to the same set of rules.

If you follow the ten steps below, you can ensure your newsletter’s success, whatever its topic, style and design may be.

How to write a successful newsletter

1. Get To The Point – Make sure that your most compelling point is displayed concisely in the first sentence.

2. Show Off Your Expertise – Write about things that you know well, or on the topics that your company specializes in.

3. Spark An Interest – The factor that ultimately determines whether your newsletter will succeed or fail lies in the content itself. Good spelling and grammar is important, but it won’t cut it unless you’re spelling out content that’s easy to read, interesting, relatable to the readers and relevant.

4. Short And Sweet – Do you sometimes get the feeling your articles are long and excruciating? If you’re nodding your head yes, then there’s a chance that your readers might not even make it past the first paragraph. Short, witty, intelligent articles attract your readers’ attention, and may even encourage a second read.

5. Personalized Content – Emailing has its perks, among them personalization to each recipient. You can use your emailing system to store information you collected on your recipients, such as their name, city of residence, and even hobbies. ActiveTrail e-mail platform uses this information and allows you to adjust your newsletters to suit each recipient in accordance with whichever parameters you choose.

6. Design and Aesthetics – Humans are visual creatures. When you get to the newsletter design section, think about how you can attract your reader’s eye. We grew up hearing not to judge a book by its cover, but truth is we still do it left and right. With ActiveTrail’s friendly newsletter editor you can design newsletters that will leave a great first impression on your reader and will encourage them to keep reading.

7. List – Say what you want to say – in bullet points. Studies show that on average, only 19% of recipients read the newsletter that you send in its entirety, while 35% of the time they only do a quick scan of it, looking for the main points. Instead of writing a text that looks long and tedious, condense it to short bullet points, like a list.

8. Avoid Tangents – Many newsletter writers lose their line of thought in the middle of the way, causing them to spit out a messy, unreadable email campaign. If, for example, we’re talking about a newsletter on business development, make sure that all of the topics are actually related to – you guessed it – business development.

9. Proofread – Before you send our your newsletter, read it over, and then read it again. Spelling errors, typing errors, or any other types of oversights can cause you and your business to come off as amateurs.

10. Have fun – Next time you create a newsletter, remember these steps, while keeping in mind you should enjoy yourself while doing it. Be creative, thoughtful, and if you have it in you, remember that a little humor never hurts anyone.

With these 10 simple steps to a winning newsletter, you also will guarantee the success of your email campaigns.

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