Why you must SMS campaign in 2023

It turns out that marketed text messages are here to stay. Actually, all the signs show that even in 2023 there will be an expected increase in the number of sms sent by organizations to their clients. According to a survey conducted by MessageMedia, over 90% of Americans open sms every day, and 95% of them say they also opened the links within the messages. The next figure also indicates that it’s a leading marketing tool all around the world: in 2007 8.3 trillion sms were sent worldwide (that’s 16 million messages every minute). By the end of 2023 this number is expected to rise dramatically by 52% – and reach 13.5 trillion messages.

Companies are not alone. Clients also prefer to receive text messages as part of a holistic communication in their purchase or service experiences. However, sending sms for marketing purposes is not the only trend you need to follow. Just before 2023 starts, we mapped hot trends expected to rise this coming year.

1. SMS as a leading channel for client service

You know those clients who call in search for service? Well, their numbers will drop significantly in the coming years. Most clients prefer sending sms (provided there’s someone answering on the other side), and receive a quick answer, rather than wait on the line. There are many messages you can send: from updates on shipment, packages, reminders or requesting feedback. Did you respond in time? Your sales will respond positively.

2. Giving incentives through SMS

Discounts, benefits, coupons and other sales’ incentives, are a great excuse for your clients to leave their mobile number for the marketers. It’s hard to find clients who want to receive a whole magazine inside a sms, but a nice birthday present is another story. If you’ll handle this with some sensitivity and won’t spam them, you might increase brand loyalty through valuable content – and sales will increase faster than you think.

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over 90% of Americans open sms every day

3. SMS to increase website traffic

About 70% of users browse the internet through their smartphone, and creating interesting links via text messages definitely increases traffic to your website. But before you send anything, make sure that your website is adapted to smartphone browsing (yes, not everyone is there yet…). And if your website is up to snuff, you’ll quickly see how temporary visitors become clients.

4. SMS encourage cross-sales

There’s nothing like increasing sales of related products on your website in an easy way, and if 77% of your clients have approved text messages, then things became much simpler. How to do this correctly? Simply add to any order, or delivery update, a link with related products that might appeal to your clients. It works, and it also provides each client with a personal value.

5. Automatic SMS

Automated messages, or bot messages, based on artificial intelligence, will gain more and more momentum in the coming year. AI technology is already spreading its tentacles into every possible industry, so why not? Bots and automated messages, as part of a client’s journey, are a great solution, which accompanies the client from product exposure to the conversion stage, and it’s certainly possible to do this without human intervention.

6. Sending files via SMS

MMS files, audio files, and even photos will be THE thing this coming year. In the meantime, it’s an advanced tool with a high price tag, but in time, using it will only increase.

7. SMS for influencers

Yup, it’s really happening. Quite a few influencers are already sending text messages and incentives to their followers, using advanced mailing systems. This innovative step definitely strengthens the relationship and dialogue between the two sides. After all, clients are looking for direct access – and what is better than a personal message from an influencer, recommending purchasing their latest collection?