Yes, We Now Offer 3 Different Types of A/B Testing!

Every part of your email, no matter how trivial it might be, will affect the success of your email campaign. We understand the need to test all the content and technical elements of emails for your promotion to have the highest ROI possible.

You can only decide which email works better by measuring the response of your recipients. The success of an email campaign can be concluded only by quantifiable parameters including open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

The A/B methodology is a fast and reliable way to assess the performance of emails. It is an essential tool for email marketing. To be able to test your emails more effectively and efficiently, we further enhanced our services. We now offer 3 different types of A/B testing.

How does it work?

Choose what element to test

We understand that you want to test all of the parts of your email but it’s important to test one element at a time for the results to be accurate. You can test the CTA, subject line, text format, images and the body text.

Pick a campaign Type

We have three different types of A/B testing so you can choose the best one for your business. Let’s discuss the differences between the three:

1. Regular email A/B testing

This is the standard form of A/B test where you have to divide your receivers into two. One group will receive one version of your email while the other group will receive another. After the test, you will be shown the result so you can decide which email version to pursue.

2. Automation splits

With the automation split, two versions of the email are sent to limited recipients as you wish (50:50 for example). Then you can analyze their response using different email marketing metrics. You can always go back and set the better version to be sent to the rest of your recipients.

AB Automation

With this type, you can do A/B testing on all of your emails to ensure that most of your recipients will receive a highly optimized version.

3. Via API

A/ B testing API allows you to create new tests and assess results using a software. Protocols will be set up so you don’t need to review emails repeatedly.

Fill in details of the two versions


fill in details of the two versions

Create your content and modify each version based on what element you want to test. For example, the template above aims to test on which email subject line is more effective.

Run the test

We will send the emails to your desired number of subscribers for a period of time or until a criterion is met.

Get the results

Get the results

We will show the results to you in a tabular form. The screenshot above shows the rates of all the necessary email metrics. It also displays the version with the most favorable results so you don’t need to individually analyze each of the entries.

Bottom line:

Don’t disregard assessment if you want to continually improve your email campaign. However, you can’t possibly excel at your campaign if you juggle between creative and technical tasks. As an email marketer, you need to constantly produce creative contents. Allow us to keep your creativity levels high by letting us do the technical part, A/B testing.

Our A/B testing modules are designed for effectiveness and efficiency. The mechanism is simple but the results are valuable.

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