Seamlessly Integrate Your Online Shop with Your Marketing Automation Platform

E-commerce is the current retail trailblazer. With today’s digital tools, the possibilities are endless on how far and how fast you can grow your e-commerce business. Using the right email marketing software can make your e-commerce business even more powerful.

That’s why ActiveTrail can now seamlessly integrate with your online store (PrestaShop, Shopify or Magento). Using a marketing automation software removes repetitive tasks from your to-do list so you can focus on tasks that move your company forward. It provides accurate data so you can compose better marketing strategies and target ideal customers. All these capabilities will eventually lead to more sales and faster growth.

Here are a few benefits to integrating ActiveTrail with your online store:

1. Create automated campaigns for different goals

Before we get to the main reasons this integration is a must, we need to make sure that you as an e-commerce marketer, use any kind of automation for your emails.

For example, the ‘Just in Time‘ tool with which the software automatically understands the best time to deliver email newsletters to your audience.

Even before you create the integration, if your online subscribers receive emails through our platform, be sure you are taking full advantage of the automated processes which can make your job easier.

2. Set up abandoned cart email campaigns
Once you connect your online store to ActiveTrail, you can set up an automated email that is sent according to your pre-determined perimeter. Abandoned cart emails have a 50% CTR! These are odds you definitely need in your favor.

Don’t forget, every abandoned cart email needs a compelling copy so it could actually convert. Luckily, you could use one of our email templates or create your copy to match your brand and tone.

abandoned cart emails

3. Send post-purchase follow up emails

The idea of post-purchase follow-up emails is redundant, of course, you’re gonna send your customers more promotions after they purchase. Just like any retailer, the work is not over after the one conversion. But with the right integration, you will no longer need to do it manually. Sending your customers the perfect follow-up offers and content can boost your conversion rates even higher than you imagined.

4. Wake-up those sleepyheads

Every business has a few dormant customers in their subscriber list, which is statistically fine. The problem is that not all e-commerce marketers know when and how to wake them up. Setting up automated emails with special offers according to the customer’s personal priorities could potentially grow the open rates, click through rates and conversions.

How to start?

  • First, isolate your sleepy subscribers by identifying them. This is up to you and your predetermined conditions.

  • Set a segmentation

  • Set up automated emails with different content, test as much as possible.

  • If the different content doesn’t work, try coupons or a discount code.

5. Test and review analytics to measure your performance
User behavior varies for every industry, place, and season. That is why constant assessment through software analytics is important. You can conduct A/B tests so you can be sure that you always present the best possible version of a promotion or content.

Integrating analytics to your e-commerce store is also important for product evaluation. It shows you what the best-selling products are so you know what to focus on. You will also know which products you should remove and which ones are more sellable to a particular place or group of people.

Remember, The richest person in the world this year is Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO of the current biggest e-commerce, Amazon. This means that there is no limit on where your e-commerce store can take you. But of course, it doesn’t come easy. It takes great discipline, effort, perseverance, and wisdom to reach even half of what Bezos has reached. Nevertheless, it is possible.

There are many hurdles in building and growing your own e-commerce business. But there are ways to make the journey easier. There are tools like marketing automation and integration capabilities. Integrate your online shop with marketing automation. Let the software do the repetitive tasks so you can channel all your efforts in becoming one of the world’s best e-commerce.