Persuade Your Recipients to Add You to Their Safe Senders List

Snagging a spot in your recipients’ safe senders list, an email marketers’ dream, significantly lowers your chances of winding up in their spam folders. But it doesn’t have to be just a dream- we are going to let you know how to make it a reality.

טיפ: רשימת שולחים בטוחים

Entering the greatly sought-after safe senders list can be accomplished in two ways: You can either sit and wait, hoping that your recipients add you on their own, or you can take action and simply ask them to add you, even explaining to them exactly how to do so. If you choose the second option, the better one in our humble opinion, you’ll wind up much less frequently in the spam folder, and in return your recipients will get to enjoy your emails in the highest possible quality.

This is how to add an email address to the various suppliers’ safe senders lists:


Open up an email from the sender that you want to add. Click on the small arrow button on the right side of the screen (More) and simply click on the “Add ____ to Contacts list” option.

add contect list gmail


Firstly, open up your mailbox and right-hand click on an email from the relevant sender. In the menu that appears click on “Junk” and subsequently on “Never Block Sender.”

Outlook safe senders


After opening up an email from the relevant sender, a warning will appear above in regards to any attached files or pictures. Simply click on “I trust ____. Always show content” in order to allow all content from this sender to be automatically downloaded.

Hotmail Safe Senders


After opening up an email from the relevant sender, Click on ‘More’ and the on ‘Filter Emails like This…’. At the Add Filter window just select ‘save’ and you’re finished!

Yahho Filters

Yahoo safe senders list


How can you persuade your recipients to add you?

There are a few different ways that you can tastefully persuade your recipients to add you to their safe senders list.

  • A special campaign: Design a special campaign for this sole purpose. Explain all of the different ways that you can add someone to the safe senders list, however keep the text short and to the point as to not overwhelm your recipients. Adding screen shots will help your recipients in the process, as well as help to keep the text to a minimum. In order to make it clear that this isn’t an everyday campaign, rather one that contains a special request, design it a little differently than your usual campaigns.
  • Recurring text in all campaigns: You can write a short text explaining how to add an email address to the safe senders list, and then add this text to every mailing that you send out.
  • Special page: Create a page on your website or a landing page in which you give all of the necessary information about the safe senders list. You can then add the page’s link to each mailing, therefore making sure that your recipients always have access to this important information.

Now that you know how to snag a spot on your recipients’ safe senders lists, learn how to increase your newsletter open rates. Just click here and prepare to watch your open rates soar!

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