How to Use SMS to Compliment Your Email Marketing Campaigns

In our previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of combining SMS and email marketing. We now know that text messages are still an effective way of reaching your audience immediately and we understand why we should use SMS with email marketing.

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So, in this article, we give you the best practices in SMS marketing and how the ActiveTrail SMS system makes it easy for you to create a consolidated marketing campaign that enables you to reach your audience through various channels.

Sending the Same Message

One of the most common practices of marketers is to use an Email and SMS campaign that complement each other. Basically, the same message is sent through both channels at different times.

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To do this effectively, you can send an email first to give your subscribers sufficient time to read your message and take action. Then you can evaluate their behavior to segment your list to those who opened the email, those who clicked through, and those who did not open your emails. You can then send a text to those who did not open the email to encourage them to take action. Make sure that your SMS complements the message in your email.

Sending Different Messages

Depending on the nature of your business, you can send varying messages through the two channels. Note that with emails, you can send longer messages that are more comprehensive and informative. With SMS, your message needs to be short and direct to encourage your subscriber to take immediate action. For example, you can send your detailed advertorials or company updates through emails, while the short and punchy flash sales, limited offers, or discount codes.

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Interactive Email and SMS

Some SMS campaigns require users to reply to the message to get the incentive or free offer. This incentive normally comes in the form of a discount coupon or link to a free ebook or downloadable material. This technique can be effective in converting inactive leads to actual customers.

Stand Alone Text Messages

If you want to make a quick announcement, such as a flash sale or promo, you can quickly send a text to all your subscribers, or to specific groups. ActiveTrail features an advanced messaging system that makes it easy to compose a message and send it to your audience in just a few minutes.

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Fully Automated Email and SMS Campaign

You can create a fully automated campaign within the ActiveTrail platform without coding skills. Simply create a new automation in your account, depending on how you want your buyer to experience your marketing campaign.

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Just beware of sending text messages too often, as users don’t want to be bombarded with SMS from any company or business. This can lead your users to unsubscribing, and that’s not something you want to happen.

Here’s a more comprehensive guide to ActiveTrail’s automation system.

ActiveTrail RESTful Application Programming Interface

If you are well versed in coding techniques, you can further customize your email and SMS marketing campaign with ActiveTrail RESTful API (Application Programming Interface). API is useful for those who use their own CRM, eCommerce system, or any type of website. API is most commonly used for transactional emails. You can set it up so that whenever someone buys something from your website, you can send them a thank you email or SMS with a discount code for their next purchase. Even reports can be fully synced to your own system. With the ActiveTrail RESTful API, your website can interact with your ActiveTrail platform however way you want it to.


There are various ways you can combine SMS and email campaigns. However, we must remember that both email and SMS marketing require permission or an opt-in from users before we can send them a campaign. As opposed to emails, text messages are only limited to 160 characters. So, sending a short and clear message is vital to get users to engage with your brand.

Don’t be afraid to innovate and try out new strategies and combinations. With ActiveTrail’s A/B testing capabilities, you can determine which message is working well for your campaign. Learn from your mistakes and learn through your audience’s behavior.


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