How to create great pop-ups for lead generation

Pop-ups, sign up forms that pop up in your website, have different roles.  Their main function, of course, is to generate leads, grow your mailing list, and ultimately – your number of customers!

Every email marketer dreams of a big, high-quality mailing list with tens of thousands of contacts and customers who want and look forward to his emails. So how is it done?


There are many different kinds of effective pop-ups and sign up forms, and in the following list, we’ll set things straight so you can find your way.

We’ve gathered a few types of pop-ups and also some professional sign up forms that you can put in your website. They’re attractive and effective, they’ll help you generate leads and build a respectable mailing list:

Update Pop-up

Do you have a page or new content that you want to refer the users to? A feature or product you’d like to tell your customers about?

Create a pop-up that lets people know about your new feature or update.  The pop-up will refer your users to the internet page you want them to reach in your website and can also include a Call to Action and/or sign up.

Make sure your pop-up is simple but clearly relays the message you want to get across about your new product.  Don’t scrimp on design, of course.  An effective pop-up has to have a very high level of design so it will be pleasing to your users’ eyes and of course so they’ll want to push your Call to Action button!

Here’s an example of a pop-up like that by a designer:


(Daily Ui Day 16 Pop-Up by tomatree –from Musli)

Sale Pop-Up

You’re having a hot sale on your product?  Of course you want as many people as possible to know about it so you’ll get the most out of the special offer or the sale you’re launching.

One of the best ways to market your sale is right on your website. Create a pop-up about the sale that includes a coupon code and that way you’ll let all your users know about it.  Add a Call to “Purchase” button and you can get as many quick purchases as possible the moment people log in to your website.

Here’s an example of a pop-up with a coupon code:


Another possibility is to make a sign up pop-up with an invitation to receive a discount as soon as the user logs in to your website.  The discount coupon will be sent by email as soon as the sign up form is filled out.  The disadvantage here is that the user isn’t transferred directly to the purchase page and has to go through their email to get the discount, but on the other hand, you get a lead, even if the coupon isn’t redeemed in the end.

Here’s an example of an effective pop-up like that from the RebeccaMinkoff fashion house:


Newsletter subscription pop-up

A main pop-up for expanding your mailing list and generating leads is of course the newsletter subscription pop-up.  Whenever you don’t have a special sale to tell about or special content you want everyone to read regarding a new product, put in the newsletter subscription pop-up.

There are a lot of methods to create the sign up form that will grow your mailing list and there’s no one right one, but in general there are some guidelines you should follow in creating the form:

*Stick to simple, yet beautiful design

*Put a limited number of fields in the sign up form. In spite of the fact that you want information about your contacts, at the moment you want the users to become your contacts and the fewer fields they have to fill out, the likelier they are to fill them.

*Keep your message short and to the point, in keeping with your brand, but at the same time make sure it explains to your contacts why they should subscribe and what you’re going to email them.

*Don’t forget, of course, to add a line for agreement to receive sales and special offers etc. so you can email your contacts without fear of the spam laws.

Here is an example of an effective subscription pop-ups you can get inspiration from:

wired pop-up

These are the main types of pop-ups you should embed in your website.  The advantages of pop-ups are that you can switch them whenever you want, the user can get out of a pop-up right away if it bothers him, but if the pop-up is good, then most of the users will hit the Call to Action or will subscribe to it, expanding your mailing list and your community of customers.

There are lots of ways to design pop-ups. Be original and stick to the basic principles, and see how you blossom and grow.

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