Email marketing tips for the best campaign results

Looking for email marketing tips to increase the return on investment (ROI) you get from your marketing campaign?

There are heaps of strategies that you can use in your marketing that can have your readers clicking on your latest newsletter with glee as soon as it hits their inbox. Try some of these email marketing tips to increase your engagement with your readers:

email marketing tips

Exclusive announcements

Readers expect you to send them emails about product announcements. The problem is that if they receive announcements too often, then they’ll perceive the update as low value, just another empty press release. Be too pushy with your update and you’ll come across as sales-y. Be too boring and you’ll risk losing readers.

Try to balance up your announcements by offering both utility and marketing.

• Remind users that they’re part of an exclusive club, getting this information or deal first.

• Explain the extra value of the announcement to your readers.

• Use the reader’s name when possible, using ActiveTrail ActivePersonalization.

• Ensure you’re sending the announcement to the right people in the first place with ActiveTrail’s advanced email marketing list management.

• Keep it short – don’t waste their time.

• Invite readers to discuss the announcement with you and other people on a public or private forum.

Make it a game

We all know that video games can be addictive, and modern ‘freemium’ games have made this into an art. Offering rewards for performing actions or reaching a new level taps into something pretty primal, and we can use this in our marketing campaigns too.

Award customers with points for performing actions such as signing up for your newsletter, interacting on social media or your forums, visiting your stores or making purchases. You can automate most of this with ActiveTrail’s Active Trigger feature. Even the most basic interaction will be increasing your brand awareness and building that customer relationship.

When you offer real rewards for amounting points (think Starbucks, which allows stars to be redeemed for purchases in-store), then you will have customers performing any action you choose just to increase their level or number of points.

Say thanks

Thanking the readers is a surprisingly powerful way to make a more human connection with them. You don’t need to dedicate an entire email to thanking them, but you can build thanks into every email you send. Thank them for signing up for your service, or for making a purchase, or simply for reading the email.

If you have something exciting that you’d like to announce to your customers, consider doing it as a thank you. Perhaps you’ve won a prestigious award, or you’ve reached a significant milestone in the number of customers you have. Instead of just bragging about it, thank the customer for being a part of the success of your business. It’s doubly powerful, as you get to let everyone know about your social proof at the same time as making them feel valued as a customer.

Are you using your email marketing campaigns to their full potential?

Put these great email marketing tips into practice with ActiveTrail.