Email marketing – the smart choice for small businesses

While marketers have a plethora of options when it comes to hooking an audience, email marketing continues to be at the top of their list. It’s an incredibly powerful option that is trusted, personal and offers an excellent return on investment.

email marketing for small business

Personalized emailcommunication wins

Some marketers get a sense of security and job satisfaction only when they send marketing emails to thousands of leads included as part of a monolithic email mailing list. But the fact is that the click-through rates increase substantially when the marketer sends personalized email marketing mails.

A high click-through rate is a direct indication that a marketing effort is performing well, something which can be honed using split testing to offer you more eyes on your product for the same cost, realizing the maximum ROI for your marketing budget.

Personalization, such as through the use of Activetrail’s dynamic Activepersonalization, involves a great deal of background analysis about the profile and interests of the target audience, including information relevant to the target audience.

Testing typically shows an average 17% increase in click-through rates after implementing personal targeting – notably something that’s easier to do by email marketing as opposed to social media marketing.

Email marketing for small businesses

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) conducted a study in 2012 on the effectiveness of email marketing as a marketing channel. The study result came out with interesting findings supporting the popularity of email marketing and the importance of email messages. Around 70% of the online audience made a purchase after reading an email message, compared to only 15% of online customers making a purchase after reading an SMS message on their mobile phones.

Appropriate subject line as part of the email marketing message

As part of one’s email marketing for small businesses strategy, marketers need to ensure that the email subject line follows certain standards in order to improve email opening rates.

Email subject lines should be personalized and at the same time short in nature. Studies have shown that subject lines that have less than 10 characters have a better open rate by 58%! Results also revealed that the recipient is 22% more likely to open an email when the subject line is personalized.

Mobile optimization of email messages

As the number of users opening email messages through their smartphone has gone up considerably in the last two years, the email format should be customized with tools like our mobile responsive system to provide a pleasant mail viewing and reading experience to mobile phone users.

Extensive testing shows that an average of 69% of users would delete an email if the email is not customized for a mobile phone.

Email marketing here to stay

Email marketing for small businesses is a powerful option that should be a mainstay in any small business’ online marketing toolbox. It continues to be one of the most direct and effective ways to reach the online consumer.

Making sure that your email communications are well-planned, personalized and optimized for mobile goes a long way in ensuring the maximum number of eyes view your marketing message.

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