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Choosing the right email campaign

Remaining competitive in today’s market cannot be accomplished alone. Gone is the reliance on phone calls and office meetings. The Internet and Worldwide Web have quickly created a new digital relationship, promoted and nurtured in cyberspace. With just the click of a mouse, our email marketing campaigns leave our computers at lightning speed, reaching our targeted international global market, within literal seconds.

Communicating with such a vast and diverse market, takes serious planning, needing the support and flexibility of a powerful cutting edge software. With so many products promising you great and speedy success, where do you turn? How do you know what kind of email campaign you need?

Beginning with the basics

Every marketer knows that their audience continues to ask that universal question, what is in this for me? But now the roles are completely reversed. When choosing any email campaign software, the question becomes: How does this service and software benefit me? Will it give me the tools I need? We all need the guidance of those experts who have been tested with time and understand the challenge.

This is where diligent, comparative research is required. We need to know our choices and options. As one message is never a suitable fit for all recipients; one software does not and cannot meet everyone’s expectations and needs.

So what are the tools needed? Permission-based email marketing is an extraordinarily cost-effective and powerful tool. However, to compete and remain successful and effective in today’s marketplace, there are important basic tools that are needed:

HTML email template designs:

Preformatted, Can-Spam compliant template designs, give you a winning foundation from the very beginning. Easy to change with no HTML coding knowledge needed, you spend less time stressing over design and browser compliance.

The design of the emails you send is essential when grabbing on and holding interest. You need to maximize responses while preserving brand presence. Most of all, it needs to be quick and easy to create.

Email newsletter campaigns:

Your marketing mix needs to include an email newsletter campaign. Powerful newsletter campaigns help build relationships, create sales, promote your products and help gather valuable demographical data. They should be user-friendly and affordable.

Your newsletter represents you, and that is what matters. Your email campaign should offer a large array of professionally designed templates, compliant ready with all spam laws and filters – easy to adapt and understand.

Integration of google analytics:

Every marketer needs to know their campaign results. By analyzing your demographics and metrics, with every campaign, patterns begin to emerge. With the proper stats, you will have the knowledge and tools to improve, one campaign at a time. What do you need to know?

Here are the major metric ingredients needed from any email marketing service:

  • Delivery Rate: The total number of emails that were actually delivered to the intended inbox.
  • Open Rate: The number or percentage of total delivered emails that were actually opened by the recipients.
  • Click-Through Rate: The number of times a link in your email was clicked-through by the recipients.
  • Unsubscribe Rate: The number of people who choose to unsubscribe to your email or e-newsletter from a specific message.
  • Conversion Rate: The number of people who click-through on your call to action, whether making a purchase or subscribing to your newsletter.

Making these stats work for you will help decide the effectiveness of your campaign, as well as understanding the return on your overall investment. The right questions need accurate responses:

How effective are my marketing campaigns?
Where do my paying visitors come from?
Who is subscribing to a service?
What search words and phrases are attracting the right audience?


Every good email marketing service offers a team of professionals dedicated to helping you create, send, and manage your email campaigns. Their website should have a comprehensive list of resources including an updated knowledgebase of FAQ’s, an extensive selection of email marketing articles, video tutorials, and an informative periodic email newsletter sent to all their clients.

Email marketing campaigns work

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