Eager to Send Out a Newsletter but Don’t Know About What? Here Are a Few Ideas

An efficient mailing system is very important when it comes to online marketing, however that’s irrelevant if you have nothing to write about. After all, the content of your newsletters is what your recipients really care about, and we have some ideas to help you get started.

ניוזלטר עם אקטיב טרייל


14 Ideas for a Newsletter that Might Interest Your Recipients:

1.Who are you?

Don’t be afraid to bare yourself or your co-workers. Tell your recipients a little about yourself and the different departments in your company on a more personal level, even with a bit of humor. They will feel closer to you afterwards!

2. An Important Message from the CEO

Of course your customers love to hear from you, however they’d probably love to hear what the big boss has to say even more.  A newsletter sent from the CEO himself not only makes the company seem more welcoming, but will also make the customer feel important.

For example, before the 2012 presidential elections Barak Obama took to sending out a number of emails with rather personal or unexpected subject lines (such as ‘Hey’) to voters throughout America, and I don’t need to tell you how the elections turned out for him!

Obama newsletter

3. Customer Testimonials

Everyone expects you to speak highly about your services, but a recommendation from a paying customer is never taken for granted. Add a customer’s story about how your product helped them in your next newsletter.

4. Publicity

Were you featured in a newspaper article? Did you receive a high rating from the Better Business Bureau? Share this with your customers. Include a link to the article or quote the text itself in your next newsletter and let your customers be happy for you.

5. New Products/Updated Models

Don’t be embarrassed to send mailings on every new product or service that you offer. After all, that’s what newsletters are for – updating your recipients on your company’s latest developments.

6. News from the Industry

No matter which industry your business is in, your recipients are most likely interested in it. Share news from the field with them whether it’s the launch of a new product, a newly enacted law that affects the industry, or anything related.

7. Promotions, Discounts and Coupons

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Spoil your recipients with a discount, a free demo or a coupon and include it in a newsletter. This way they get a gift and you get some new leads.

8. Webinar

There is always something to teach about your product or service and in the age of technology there is no better way than an online seminar.  Put together a newsletter in which you present the online course and even add a link that leads to its registration page.

9. Special Events

Launching a new product? Participating in a conference? Win an award? Include your customers in this proud moment by letting them know about it.

The multimedia company, Interlude, always shares their successes with their users.

interlude awards

10. Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a customer service or technical support department, ask them for a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. Send them to all of your customers because, chances are, many of them have the same questions and they simply never asked.

The 20 Most Frequently Asked Questions From ActiveTrail Customers – Including Answers

11. Blog Popularity

Is your marketing blog packed with articles? Take advantage of this for your own benefit. You can design a newsletter on the subject “The Most Popular Posts From the Month of May” or “Five Articles That You Must Read.” Firstly, the content of the blogs might interest your recipients. Secondly, this will bring more visitors to your blog, most likely increasing its power in the search engines.

12. Feedback Survey

Want to know what your customers think about you? Send them a satisfaction survey or a general feedback survey in order to find out. With ActiveTrail you can build a survey with a wide range of questions and track your recipients’ answers.

13. Statistics and Data

Use your newsletter to share data from the industry with your customers. You can use general data or even build a survey on a certain topic, send it to your customers, and subsequently send out an infographic newsletter that summarizes the results.

14. Contest and Prizes

Contests are known for their efficiency in attaining potential leads. Plan a contest related to your field of work in which the winner receives a prize. You can cover the entire contest through newsletters, beginning with informing your customers of said contest, up until announcing the big winner.

Now that you have a new idea, It’s time to pick the right color for your newsletter.