December 2014 – It’s Going to be a Hot Winter

With the New Year just around the corner, we’d like to fill you in on some of the updates and improvements that we’ve introduced to the system. Our customers’ welfare is important to us, so we’re happy to inform you that many of the improvements this month are a direct result of proposals, requests and feedback that we received from our customers recently.

Introducing ActiveTrail’s new Affiliate Program:

ActiveTrail's Affiliate Program

We were looking for ways to market our system while simultaneously allowing our users to earn money, and then it hit us – why not make you our affiliates?

ActiveTrail’s Affiliate Program was created so that you could earn money. You market our system and earn a 15% renewable monthly commission from the clients you bring.

It’s all very simple. Anyone can become an affiliate – all you have to do is sign up for the affiliate program and receive a special identification code which will allow the system to automatically recognize the new customers you brought. In your account you’ll find marketing material to help you get started and in-depth reports regarding your expected and past income from the program.

The bottom line: You invite clients to join us and earn a commission in return – it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Learn more about ActiveTrail’s Affiliate Program

Responsive survey system

Our survey system is available in mobile.

When you send out a survey to your clients they’ll now be able to respond from their mobile devices, thus increasing the respond percentage and improving your results.

Improved reports

Our reports system contains a number of reports including an SMS report, an executive report, a general campaign report, etc. which are meant to provide all the information you need for your campaigns.

Some of the improvements to the system include:

• An option to split the campaign results by domain has been added, including spam complaints, unsubscribes from different providers, opening stats, errors, etc.

reports by domain

• In the survey system: The survey report will now include an average answer for multiple choice questions. For example: if you ask your recipients’ age, the report will include an average responder’s age.

Executive account improvements

We came up with a way to make life easier for customers managing secondary accounts.

From now on, you don’t have to contact our support team in order to move credits between different accounts. The option will be added to your account settings – all you have to do is ask.

Only available for email marketing accounts.

Various convenience improvements

Our support team provides the best service available. Other than providing professional service they also listen to customers’ suggestions and pass the information on to the developers team.

Some of the improvements introduced to make your life easier include:

Extended preview: Want to see how your “thank you” page displays? Now you can see your landing page and the “thank you” page it leads to from one simple preview – for pc and mobile.

landing page and thank you page preview

Trigger timing: A new trigger timing option has been added to the system. Now you can choose to have a triggered campaign activated a few hours, or even days after an action has been taken by your client. It’s up to you.

Accessibility: To make your life easier, you can now use your keyboard to select buttons. The “Enter” key is for “Save” and the “Esc” key is for “Cancel”.

keyboard control

A/B Testing: The winning campaign will now be declared whenever you choose not 24 hours, saving you time on your A/B campaigns.

All these improvements and more are waiting for you in ActiveTrail’s email marketing system.