How to create online survey that benefits your campaigns

Ever wish you could tell exactly what your customers thought about your company – its strengths, weaknesses, why they love your products and what they’d love to see next?

online survey benefits

With your email newsletters, you have a direct line to the most important element of your business – your customers – and many of them are dying to tell you exactly what they think about your company.

Many businesses, foolishly, prefer to bury their head in the sand and pretend that everything is going great. But every business has flaws, and it is the company that is willing to seek out these flaws, recognize them and fix them that will succeed in the modern marketplace. This is where online surveys come into play.

Online survey creation is easy with ActiveTrail

Having an online survey shows that you care about what your customers think, and they will feel all the more valued if you use ActiveTrail to keep track of customer satisfaction.

A professional online survey created with ActiveTrail’s online survey generator provides an easy and seamless way to integrate a customer feedback survey into your email marketing campaign. What’s more, the survey will appear congruent and uniform with the rest of your email marketing and website.

Create online survey questions that can be quantified, say from 1-10, but also give the customers space to speak their mind. They will offer some great insights into your company and how it is perceived.

Special features of ActiveTrail’s online surveys

It’s easy to create an online survey with ActiveTrail, you just need to choose the questions you want to ask. Since ActiveTrail is a full-function email marketing platform, there are a number of special features you can take advantage of that are not available in stand-alone online survey software.

One great feature is being able to automatically send out a survey after a user performed an action on your website. For example, after a customer purchases a product, you can automatically ask them how they felt about that product a month later. ActiveTrail offers comprehensive real-time reporting on how many people are responding to your surveys and it’s results. You can use these results to optimize your future marketing, both on-site and off-site.

Using results in future campaigns

When you create an online survey, customers who fill them out and offer you insights into your business are typically those who are invested in your products. They are excellent leads, and they’ve just given you a wealth of information on what they get from your products and services and how you can sell better to them in the future!

For example, those who advise they are dissatisfied with high prices could be included in future campaigns that offer discounts to loyal customers. Those who feel they were undervalued by your customer service could be contacted in person in the future. Those who expressed an interest in certain products or services could be flagged as someone who should be emailed about that product or service in the future.

Online surveys should be a valued part of your marketing efforts.

Get started creating your online surveys with ActiveTrail!