4 Benefits of Using Permission Based Email Marketing as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Permission based email marketing refers to sending newsletters through an email marketing software to subscribers who have previously given their consent to receiving these types of communication through subscribing to your mailing list via your website or a landing page. There are a number of reasons why you should seek this consent before using a mailing list, ranging from basic politeness and respect for your potential customers, through certain legal requirements regarding the use of people’s personal data (for example, the GDPR). From a marketing perspective, you will want to build up a strong rapport with your potential customers, with the eventual aim of reaching conversion, weather it’s a product purchase or a subscription to a service or whatever it is your company profits from. So it’s simply common sense to act in a way which will not get you immediately consigned to the spam folder. 

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The internet is ubiquitous these days, and even the smallest businesses are now engaging in social media marketing, permission based email marketing, and other automated digital marketing techniques, making it essential for you to do the same. Of course, you must also do it to the best of your abilities in order to you stand out from your competitors. Too many businesses are falling into the trap of simply sending all available information to all subscribers, which is counter-productive. To get the most from your permission based email marketing campaign, there are some simple-yet-effective resources to utilize, such as segmentation and targeting, acting on those customers’ past behaviors, and similar. This is far less complicated than you may think, thanks to the excellent email marketing software, so with very little time and effort required, you could soon reap the benefits of using technology productively.

Here are 4 Benefits of Using Permission Based Email Marketing

1. Strengthen Your Customers’ Trust in Your Brand

Permission based email marketing can be an excellent strategy for encouraging customers and potential customers to place their trust in your brand. Through using only mailing lists which comprise of interested parties, and allowing people to unsubscribe easily when they wish to do so, you will immediately become more attractive than the numerous business who continue to indulge in unscrupulous practices such as purchasing mailing lists, spamming their subscribers with an array of irrelevant content, and failing to provide a simple way to unsubscribe, meaning the only way to rid your mailbox of their offerings is to press the spam button. 

When devising your email marketing strategy, make permission based email marketing a core aspect. This transparency can pay dividends.

As a rule, each and every one of your signup forms must contain a checkbox in which your subscribers are stating that they do indeed approve your messaging. Be sure to understand that if your subscriber agrees to receive magazine content from you, it does not necessarily mean that he agrees to receive other forms of content. 

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2. A Straightforward Funnel Attracts More Subscribers

The golden rule of email marketing is that less is more. It’s not about sending as many emails as possible to as many recipients as possible in the hope that some will bite. It’s about sending relevant and personalized content to interested subscribers and benefitting from the high open rates and conversions. It’s simple, if you send emails to people who have shown no interest in your goods or services, chances are that you will not get a good return on your investment. For example, use permission based email marketing to send discount coupons to those who subscribe to your mailing list, reminders to complete a purchase when a customer has left an item in their online basket, and draw attention to any upcoming promotions or events which may appeal to their demographic.

Email marketing, as with any other form of marketing, is about numbers. But it is about the number of clicks, opens, and conversions you get, not the sheer number of emails you send. The answer? Stick to those recipients you know are interested.

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3.  Let Your Customers Receive Only Highly Relevant Content

This may seem obvious, but all too many email marketers miss it. Email marketing automation software, combined with permission based marketing, can be a powerful tool. It’s likely that your business deals with more than one product or service, each of which will appeal to a different audience. Use your analytics tools to determine which marketing messaging tend to appeal to whom, apply this to the mailing list you have acquired through seeking express permission, and you will be well on your way to reaping the rewards of being a responsible, ethical, email marketer.

Remember, the medium-to-long-term success of your email marketing is to secure a high conversion rate. The short-term goal is to avoid being banished to spam or junk mail folders. There are around 244 billion email users in the U.S., and only a very small percentage of those actually want to hear what you have to say. So it’s really important to segment your audience properly and deliver well throughout messaging through your newsletters. 

Here’s a great example for a personalized abandoned cart email by Asics who include more detailed information about the items left in the cart. This immediately rings that “it’s for me” bell for the subscriber since they see their size and picked out color right in front of them. 

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4.  Smoother Automation Funnel Means Sky-Rocketing Conversions

To understand how to make the most of permission based email marketing a part of your general email marketing strategy, all you need to do is think about your own preferences and behaviors. That is, of course, simplifying it a lot, but think about it – if somebody tries to talk to you about a topic you have no interest in, and keeps on trying over and over, you soon decide not to talk to that person again. You have permission from your subscribers, you know what pages they’ve visited, what products they’ve viewed and, sometimes, what they’ve bought. Use that to power your email automation and watch your conversion rate go through the roof.

As you will be realizing by now, permission based email marketing can do wonders for your business. That is, of course, assuming that you use it wisely. Add an opt-in option to all emails you send to your social media accounts, and to your website. Give interested people the opportunity to become part of your mailing list, and then provide them with attractive and relevant content. They get information on what they’re interested in, you get greater clicks, opens, and conversions. All in all sounds quite beneficial to your brand. 


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