ActiveTrail + SalesWings : The Benefits of a Powerful Integration

Saleswings ActiveTrail Integration

What do you get when you combine the world’s most powerful email marketing platform with cutting-edge lead scoring and website tracking?  A lean, mean sales and marketing machine.

As ActiveTrail customers, you are familiar with at least a portion of our arsenal of digital marketing apps and features, such as our award-winning newsletter module and landing page creator, that, amongst others, help you generate more, and higher quality leads.  Our automations let you take these leads further down your marketing funnels, guiding them towards first time and repeat purchases.  However, at ActiveTrail we never sit on our laurels and are constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience, your experience.  To this end, we have worked closely with SalesWings to integrate their best of breed website behavior tracking and predictive lead scoring application with the ActiveTrail system, letting our customers seamlessly learn more about their leads, and when these leads become “hot”, i.e. closer to actually converting.

Not only birds have wings

To better understand how these two systems work together, let’s spend a moment on SalesWings.  If you have ever sold a product or service online (directly or indirectly), you have probably wondered what people who visit your site are doing on the site, what they are most interested in and who amongst them are more likely to buy whatever it is you are offering.  This is where SalesWings comes into play.

SalesWings is a simple and effective predictive sales tool designed with automation in mind (yes, you guessed right – as you will see later, ActiveTrail’s world-class automation system is at the heart of our integration with SalesWings). With little work, you can connect SalesWings to your back-office / CRM systems, especially pre-integrated systems such as and Pipedrive, implement a small bit of code on your site and, voila, SalesWings will track the activity of registered users, i.e. leads, on your website, and using advanced, proprietary algorithms, will score the leads according to their propensity to convert.  This, makes it easy for your sales reps to follow-up with the hottest leads first, giving flight to your conversion rates.

SalesWings in action at ActiveTrail

Always on alert for new ways to grow revenues, ActiveTrail’s team zeroed in on SalesWings, identifying not only an opportunity to increase sales, but a potential partnership that could benefit clients of both companies.  The idea soon took root, and both integration work and implementation of SalesWings by the ActiveTrail sales team got underway.  Once these projects were complete, ActiveTrail’s sales representatives put in to place the following process:

  • SalesWings identifies when existing ActiveTrail leads become “hot”.
  • SalesWings sends our sales team notifications and automatically updates our CRM (currently PipeDrive and soon SalesForce), changing the “warmth” status of the lead.
  • Based on this warmth indicator, we have created marketing automation flows within ActiveTrail that engage the hotter leads. For example, hot leads receive automated emails from their sales managers inviting them to partake in a demo.

From the perspective of our sales team, as users of both systems, and of the company as a whole, the collaboration quickly began to yield positive results, namely a 25% increase in opportunities, and a 20% increase in sales.

And that’s not all… more things the integration lets you do.

To illustrate a few more advantages of the integration between ActiveTrail and SalesWings, let’s consider a Travel Agency that we’ll call Alpha Travel.  We have used the travel agency example in other ActiveTrail articles and guides to help describe some of ActiveTrail’s key features and capabilities, such as segmentation,  automation, and personalization…

Now, with SalesWings in the picture, Alpha Travel could further enhance its marketing efforts.  For instance, a user who has shown interest in going to London, visits Alpha’s site a couple of months after registering.  SalesWings captures the user’s visit and marks the lead as “hot”, but it also tracks what the user was looking at, which happened to be Rome this time.  This information is provided to Alpha, more specifically, to Alpha’s ActiveTrail installation, which automatically sends off an email offer to the client, and because of the new destination information from SalesWings, it is to Rome, and not to London.  Moreover, while Alpha had configured ActiveTrail to send a standard mail every couple of weeks, the mail the lead receives exactly when they are most interested, seems to them quite opportune – perfect timing.  

How it works

You may be shaking your head at this point, thinking this all sounds great, but setting it up must be a headache.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Here, for example, is how it works for the ActiveTrail sales team:

  • Implemented Sales Wings (SW) through the Tag Manager in ActiveTrail.
  • SW lets ActiveTrail’s sales team and CRM system know when a lead turns Warm or Hot.
  • The sales team created an automation that notifies an ActiveTrail sales rep when this occurs.
  • The sales person triggers a dedicated email automation, beginning with an invitation to a ‘one-on-one’ demo.
  • The invitation contains a link to a sign-up form for the one-on-one demo on an ActiveTrail landing page.
  • When a lead signs up on the landing page, their “Warm / Hot” field in ActiveTrail is changed, causing the invitation automation to stop.
  • In addition, the team uses ActiveTrail buttons in autoresponder emails that invite customers to one-on-one demos in the course of the regular automation (for demo users).
  • When a user clicks on such a button, they are redirected to the same landing page.
  • The sales team also uses SW to identify online users that have reached the “failed billing” page. When such a notification is received from SW, automated emails are sent to the user and the sales rep (this happens through our automation system + Zapier).


The combination of SalesWings and ActiveTrail gives you unparalleled visibility into your lead pipeline and the means to act on what you see, immediately and with minimal human intervention.  This results in higher conversion rates, revenue growth, and increased profitability.  There is, therefore, really only one conclusion – act now (not doing so is costing you money…)!

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