ActiveTrail is blossoming – version updates, May 2016

Not only cherries blossom in the spring. ActiveTrail is bursting with innovations for the springtime and we can’t wait to tell you about them.

פריחת הדובדבן

We’ve come out with some very important news for all of you, so don’t miss the following updates in the system, which you’re invited to start using right away:


The pre-header is the header before the header, the preliminary header, or as we like to call it –the magic words.  Magic words, because just like “Open sesame”, what you choose to write in the pre-header affects whether or not the recipients open your email.  And starting now, you can choose what’s written there!

It is a major improvement for the appearance of your emails, especially when opened via mobile.

The text that appears after the subject line in the email preview is automatically the text that opens your email, and now you have the option of controlling it separately! From now on, during the creation of your email campaign, at the stage of your campaign settings, you’ll see an option to set the pre-header, and that way you’ll be in control of the words that appear in your recipients’ inboxes.


You can turn the pre-header into a continuation of your subject line, making it longer, or you can try using other words that seem enticing to you.  In any case, the pre-header is in your hands with our new feature, so use it well.

PayPal Integration

A brand new PayPal button!  From now on your customers can purchase the products you’re marketing, directly from the landing page or the email campaign you created for them.  In our blocks, you will find a new PayPal button that you can add to any landing page or email campaign you create in the ActiveTrail platform.

So, for example, you can create special email marketing campaigns and instead of them leading to your online shop, you can place the PayPal button under each item you advertise, and your recipients can purchase the item with the click of one button!

A customer who has PayPal won’t need to enter details or get tangled up in the buying process.  It’s enough for her to like the item, push the button, enter her user name and password on the PayPal checkout page and the purchase is complete.


 RESTful API + Webhooks

ActiveTrail has begun using RESTful API, an intuitive API for inter-system integration.

With the help of the new API you can carry out all of the operations that can be done in the ActiveTrail platform – by remote control.

RESTful API is innovative and easy to use, big news for developers that’s going to make their work a whole lot easier!  The new API has available online documentation with a detailed explanation of each and every function so you don’t miss a thing.  In addition we are happy to introduce you with our new Webhooks.  Webhooks are updates on customers and contacts that the ActiveTrail platform actively sends to all the other systems you’re working with.  So, for example, if a new contact signs up with ActiveTrail, it’s sent to your CRM, immediately updating it about the new contact in the system.  Webhooks allow new inter-system communication that didn’t previously exist, and ActiveTrail has become an important, active factor in this communication.

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