7 Tips for a Successful Customer Retention through Newsletters

Day after day, our fast-paced digital world continuously offers new upgrades to be linked to the ever-expanding web of communication channels. However, amidst the numerous options, smart business marketers still prefer not to shine away what seems to be an old-fashioned and most basic form of messaging platform within their marketing mix, the email.

Email Marketing: Reliability and Delivery

Email marketing, as the term suggests, is a form of promoting and selling products/services through electronic mail. It is a highly effective strategy to directly reach prospects, sustain an emotional bond with loyal clients, generate leads, and eventually gain exceptional revenue.

Time and again, email marketing has been proven reliable in acquiring outstanding and competitive ROI based on statistics. In fact, according to a recent research done by Adobe, even though there are countless digital platforms, people still choose to check their email multiple times within the span of 24 hours, thus, making email marketing all the more effective up to this day.

Email Marketing and the Automation Software

As businesses consider new techniques and exploit email marketing capabilities for acquisition and retention, it is noteworthy that with the right innovation, like an email marketing automation platform, efforts through email could become more convenient and efficient, especially on the part of marketers.

Marketing automation is the thing behind the uproar.  It’s a game-changer. It doesn’t necessarily take away the tasks of the marketer but gear towards making actions effectively fast and engaging by automating marketing actions. Not to mention the personalized approach it offers to the overall customer experience. Creatively crafted, error-free contents lure them, but personalized emails based on their behavior and interests keep them fascinated and well-engaged.

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It is quite a challenge, so here are seven ways to create more engaging newsletters through marketing automation and raise customer experience to the next level:

Slice the database into segmented groups

Segmentation is the act of slicing your database to form multiple groups of people and divide them according to their respective criteria. The idea is to create more relevant and tailored-fit newsletters to the segmented audience which could help increase customer engagement.

The process includes looking into detailed demographics, buying patterns, email engagement frequencies, amount willing to spend based on the last purchase, and many others. This marketing strategy seems quite simple but surely is a powerful mechanism to increase sales, according to DMA.

Connect with the right person at the right time

There’s no better way to keep people involved than to dig deep in understanding their persona, needs, desires and behavioral values based on user details within the database. Personalization of email marketing efforts can turn passive receivers into satisfied, long-term buying clients. Their flirtation with the brand could be heightened by the marketers’ ability to connect with them in a more personalized approach.

Luckily, through automation, businesses could make use of automated and easy-to-use email templates to be cascaded to the right person at the right time.

Craft crazy-effective call-to-action

In any marketing strategy, the power of words has the most incredible impact in converting potential customers to highly-engaged customers. The key to an effective CTA is to keep offering value in the most straightforward way.

It’s important to keep in mind that a call-to-action should resonate with the client’s mind; otherwise, it could just break the sales process.

Provide unique and innovative content

Content is the one that can’t be compromised.

No matter how perfect your timing is, or how perfectly segmented your database has become, without considering the uniqueness of the content, your email marketing effort will just be like any other futile inbox message.

Providing unique, innovative and well-written content keeps people looking forward to your next business offering. It could be sharing secrets about your business or giving away knowledge with certifications for free. But once you’ve reached a significant amount of email engagement, it’s imperative to be more careful in sending out emails, although keeping it personal and focus is still the way to go. Or else, it’d be easier for them to click the “Unsubscribe” button.

Keep it short and sweet

A report by The Radicati Group states that an average person receives approximately 97 emails per day. It’s quite ambitious to pretend that someone reads them word by word – hence, the relevance of shorter emails with compelling content. Nobody wants to be bombarded with long, complex and irrelevant words on a regular basis.

Offer access to events via “You’re invited!” newsletters

With a compelling subject line, detail-oriented content, appealing graphics and easy-to-understand sign-up forms, an event newsletter is definitely one of the best attendance-boosting efforts a marketing team can make use of.

It’s also a great tool to make your customers feel special as you offer them discounted rates and early bird promos, therefore, enhancing emotional bond and future engagements.

Present more available touchpoints

It’s one thing to get people well-informed, but it’s another thing to keep them 100% engaged with your overall business efforts in various platforms. Your newsletter is a great tool to suggest social media activities and enticingly show subscribers many other channels wherein they can engage with you.

The more the touchpoints, the higher the chance of gaining customers, and sooner, consistent buyers.


Email marketing has been proven effective in acquiring customers, sustaining relationships and gaining excellent ROIs, but it’s far more ground-breaking with the presence of a marketing automation software. For half the time, email marketers are able to produce well-crafted, highly-engaging and targeted contents to reach prospects and loyal clients.

Bearing in mind the seven ways mentioned, your business can certainly be well-equipped to achieve full digital innovation as you make each email count.

We are in full anticipation that you’ll be a long way ahead of the competition through email marketing automation!