5 Reasons Content Marketing Can’t Live Without Email Marketing

Getting the word out about the products and services a business offers is important. With all of the different methods that can be used to spread a company’s message, choosing the right one can be a bit difficult.

For years, business owners have used a mix of content and email marketing to attract a wider audience. In a recent poll, nearly 86% of the business professionals surveyed said they would rather use email when communicating about work-related matters.

While content marketing can help you to expand your reach, you will need to use email marketing as well.

Here are 5 reasons for incorporating email with your content marketing campaign

  1. Emails are More Effective Than Social Media

Did you realize that when used properly, email marketing is more effective than social media when it comes to acquiring new customers? While social media is an important component of any marketing campaign, utilizing the power of email is a better idea.

For the most part, social media is used to interact with your existing audience, not acquiring new customers. An effective and persuasive email can help you entice prospective customers into reading your content or signing up for your newsletter.

  1. Emails Are Cost-Effective

If you are like most business owners, staying on budget is one of the main concerns you have when developing a new content marketing campaign. Luckily, sending an email is relatively free, which means you can reduce costs significantly.

Instead of using costly traditional marketing methods like TV ads, direct mail or radio, you can have just as much impact with a well-written email. With emails, you will be able to promote your content and get more visitors to your website with ease. 

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  1. Highly Customizable Content

Most newcomers to the world of email marketing fail to realize just how customizable this form of advertising is. Segmenting your audience is a great way to personalize emails and give prospective customers exactly what they want.

When writing an email to send out to a prospective customer, you need to treat it like a piece of content for your website. This means that you need to make your emails as personal as possible. Using the recipient’s name in the header can help to catch their attention and make them read the rest of the text.

  1. Make Your Emails and Content Action-Oriented

As any successful internet marketer knows, making content action-oriented is the best way to reel in prospective customers. When paired with content with persuasive calls to action, marketing emails can be extremely effective.

Make sure your emails feature a section that instructs the reader regarding the next step you want them to take. This step can be everything from clicking a link to visit a piece of new content on your website or a sign-up form

  1. The Mobile-Friendly Alternative

Statistics show that nearly 91 percent of people use their phones and other mobile devices to check their emails. Making sure the content on your website and in your marketing emails is mobile-friendly is a must. Neglecting to do this will lead to you alienating a large part of your audience. This will make it very hard to increase the flow of traffic to your website.

Instead of trying to develop, run and manage your content and email marketing campaigns alone, you need to reach out to professionals. These professionals will be able to track the progress of your marketing campaigns and make alterations when needed.