10 Winning Email Marketing Ideas for Hotels


It would seem as though hotels have it made. After all, they profit off of making their customers’ vacation and relaxation dreams a reality. However, in the fiercely competitive market that is today’s hospitality industry, hotels must continuously work to keep even the most satisfied guests coming back. Email marketing for hotels can be your hospitality business’ ticket to effective, long-term hotel-guest relationships and repeat stays. All you need is a little inspiration and a handle on some of the top tools of the trade.

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When done correctly, hotel email marketing has the potential of returning $38 on every $1 spent. That’s a massive return on investment that simply cannot be ignored. Some benefits include re-targeting customers who abandoned carts (those who left your hotel’s site mid-booking), following up with guests about future visits, offering promotions to entice past guests to return, and A/B testing new marketing campaigns to determine which converts best and more. So it’s no wonder that 80% of SMBs, including hotels, use email marketing for retention purposes!

Now just in case you’re new to the whole email marketing for hotels business, here are:

10 Winning Email Marketing Ideas for Hotels

Whether they like to admit it or not, your customers like hearing from you. Use these great email marketing ideas as inspiration for your own hotel marketing emails and start increasing your open rates, bookings and ROI. Seriously, these are some of the best hotel newsletter examples that exist; they make email marketing for hotels look even easier than it already is! Here are some of the best hotel email marketing examples:


1 – Location newsletters

Here is the first hotel email marketing example. If it wasn’t already clear as day, a marketing email is a great way for hotels to let customers know about all sorts of relevant tidbits when staying at their establishment, sort of like a “YOU ARE HERE” moment. Use your newsletters as a map to highlight your hotel’s location, local attractions, and tours guests can take in the nearby area. Doing so will add value to your hotel’s already excellent services and amenities, and entice them to book, book often, and book longer, more expensive hotel vacation packages.

Check out one of the best hotel marketing campaigns examples by Tourism NYC; it could easily be adapted and included in a New York City-based hotel’s marketing email. Sharing upcoming local events ahead of the summer vacation season provided clear value to would-be travelers potentially interested in visiting the Big Apple.




2 – Culinary newsletters

Another great way to add value to your hotel’s location with email marketing is to let your customers know about the incredible culinary experiences that await them inside your hotel – as well as those that are located in your hotel’s nearby vicinity. You can even couple this information with offers ahead of the holidays to motivate more people to book entire experiences at your establishment. Hotel guests already spending a pretty penny on their accommodations can’t help but be excited when presented with a deal to make their trip more affordable. The Shangri-La hotel in Vancouver just ran such a promotion. The hotel sent out a mouth-watering marketing email before Mother’s Day, complete with information on attending a Mother’s Day brunch at the hotel, tasty-looking images, and an option to reserve a table for the main gustatory event right then and there. Using their mailer as inspiration and adding a section with icons and information about popular eateries located nearby can help you increase your hotel’s bookings, even if the actual meal is consumed elsewhere.




3 – Special campaigns

Email marketing for hotels is a highly effective way of letting customers know about special offers, promotions, and discounts. Send them directly to the customer’s inbox as opposed to public social or other marketing materials, and personalize them to meet the customer’s needs whenever possible. This is a surefire way that you can make them feel special, like they’re gaining exclusive access to offers no one else will receive (even if those exact offers are visible on your hotel’s website).

The Best Western hospitality chain accomplished this goal well. Their “Deals of the Week” mailer lets customers know precisely what limited-time offers they’ll receive if they book a stay at any one of their hotels across the US. The campaign creates a sense of urgency while simultaneously giving customers a feeling that they have various options from which they can choose, at prices that simply cannot be beaten.




4 – VIP marketing emails

It can cost five times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. That’s why it is so essential that you nurture your best customers towards retention with a VIP-inspired newsletter. You want to make sure you keep them coming back for more unique experiences at your hotel. In short, make them feel exceptional, with an exclusive offer for loyal customers only!

For example, Occidental Hotels & Resorts sent out the marketing email below. While the mailer itself is a little wordy, the integration of thanking past guests for their loyalty, the 10% discount promo code, the clear call to action to use it ASAP and “Book Now,” and the inviting image unite to form a VIP-esque email marketing idea for hotels.




5 – Cart abandonment newsletters

The travel industry, including the hotel booking sector, has one of the highest cart abandonment rates in e-commerce. On average, 80 percent of prospective travelers leave hotel and online travel sites just minutes before booking, compared to a 68-74 percent abandonment rate in other industries. A winning email marketing idea for hotels is of the essence to revive the abandoned deal and lead to a successful booking. Send them an offer, a coupon code, or a discount on the booking itself. Or, how about an in-house extra, such as a spa treatment, room service, or a meal in your hotel’s restaurant? Find out what little bonus will make the most significant difference in your conversion vs. abandonment rates and offer it up on a silver platter.


6 – Follow-up marketing email ideas

A key element in retaining existing hotel guests is following up with them soon after their most recent stay. Ask them how their time at your hotel was in a marketing email. Get them talking by using the ActiveTrail online survey tool and get instant feedback on what they liked and disliked about their vacation. This information will help you develop future email marketing ideas and send them mailers personalized to their hospitality needs and desires.

Check out how The Inn at Union Square accomplished this goal. They invited guests to “Tell us about your stay,” reminded them how valuable they are to the hotel, and asked them to participate in a survey. No bells and whistles were employed, but this still proved a highly effective email marketing idea for hotels.




7 – Testimonials

Recommendations made by satisfied hotel guests are a powerful email marketing tool from which the hospitality industry can benefit. Indeed, 83 percent of people are more likely to purchase a product or book a service after hearing about it from a customer like them. As such, winning email marketing for hotels must include sharing what your guests have to say with those subscribers who have yet to book.


8 – Visual content

Sometimes, it’s as simple as integrating amazing visuals to capture customers’ eyes and get them to book. As people tend to remember 80 percent of what they see and only 20 percent of what they read, the images and videos you attach to your newsletter can transform your email marketing campaign from irritating to inspiring.

The Rosewood Beijing uses modern videos to attract customers in its marketing emails. The video takes would-be guests on a hotel tour, familiarizing them with the site, so booking a stay no longer feels foreign and far-removed.



9 – Email marketing for hotels meets social media

Social media is where your hotel’s target audience members are already spending an average of 142 minutes a day. In today’s day and age, they’re turning to social media influencers to find out all sorts of information, including where they should stay on their next vacation. Partner with social media influencers and add their content to your hotel’s newsletters to create a buzz, increase open rates, and promote bookings like a true hotel industry winner.

For example, integrating an image like the one below into your hotel newsletter can pique your customers’ interests and get them to read more and book. After all, which modern, digitally-savvy traveler doesn’t want to take an Instagram-worthy vacation pic? Having an influencer show them that they can take that kind of a pic at your hotel is a traffic-generating idea you should adopt.




10 – Event Promotion

Use email marketing to show customers the events that have or will take place at your hotel – festivals, parties, conferences, and other fun activities they won’t want to miss.

Pro tip: describe the events with emotional language. Entice them with the thought of joining in on the fun. Tell them that  “you could be here.”

Outrigger Resorts engaged in ideal email marketing for hotels by sandwiching event promotion between a call to book and information on local attractions, complete with stunning images. It would be hard for your subscribers to ignore “the call” to stay at your hotel with a mailer like theirs.



Bottom line

Presenting your subscribers with winning email hotel marketing ideas like the ones described above can make all the difference between bulking and booking. To drive the powerful messages in your newsletters all the way home and ensure each subscriber receives marketing emails that appropriately suit their current stage in the sales funnel – consideration, pre-stay, or post-stay, personalization, and segmentation are key. Namely, choose the type of marketing email that responds to the customer’s need from your hotel at each touchpoint to show them you care and help resolve any pains preventing them from booking now, as well as in the future.

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The Art of Crafting Engaging Hotel Emails

Hotel promotion email samples and best hotel emails are essential tools in the hospitality industry’s marketing arsenal. These emails serve as a direct line of communication between the hotel and its guests, offering an opportunity to engage, inform, and entice potential customers. For instance, a well-crafted hotel summer promotion idea could be presented in an email newsletter, showcasing the hotel’s amenities, nearby attractions, and special seasonal discounts.

Moreover, hotel email marketing software can automate and optimize these communications, ensuring that the right message reaches the right guest at the right time. This could include personalized offers based on a guest’s previous stays or preferences, or reminders to guests who have abandoned their booking midway.

Innovative Strategies for Hotel Marketing and Public Relations

Regarding hotel marketing campaigns and PR ideas for hotels, creativity, and personalization are key. For instance, a hotel could launch a social media campaign featuring real guests’ experiences, complete with stunning visuals and compelling testimonials. This not only promotes the hotel but also builds a sense of community among guests.

Additionally, SMS marketing for hotels can be a powerful tool for reaching guests directly and promptly. Whether it’s a last-minute discount offer or an update about on-site events, SMS marketing can enhance the guest experience and boost engagement.

Finally, hotels can leverage their unique selling points in marketing and PR campaigns. For example, if a hotel is located in a historic building or offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience, these features can be highlighted in the hotel’s advertisements and promotions.

FAQ Section
What is hotel email marketing?

Hotel email marketing refers to using email as a channel to promote a hotel’s services, offers, and experiences to potential and existing guests. This can include newsletters, promotional emails, booking confirmations, and follow-up emails after a guest’s stay.

Is email marketing effective for hotels?

Yes, email marketing is a highly effective strategy for hotels. It allows hotels to maintain direct communication with their guests, provide personalized offers, and build long-term relationships. According to some studies, every $1 spent on email marketing can return up to $38, making it a highly profitable marketing channel.

How do I create a hotel email?

Creating a hotel email involves several steps. First, you need to define your goal for the email, such as promoting a special offer or following up after a guest’s stay. Next, craft a compelling subject line and body text that align with your goal. Including high-quality images or videos can also enhance your email. Finally, you should include a clear call to action, guiding the recipient on the next steps.

What is email marketing for example?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending emails to people to promote a product, service, or brand. For example, a hotel might email past guests offering a special discount for their next stay. This email would typically include information about the offer, images of the hotel, and a link to book the stay.

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