Quick Guide: A Plugin that Connects Between Contact Form 7 (WordPress) and ActiveTrail

Contact Form 7 (CF7) is one of the most popular form creation add-ons for the WordPress platform.  It provides impeccable support for a wide variety of languages, is easy to use and is remarkably versatile.

Our new plugin, that connects between Contact Form 7 and ActiveTrail, is integrated into the WordPress content management system, allowing you to automatically add new registrants who signed up on your WordPress site to your ActiveTrail mailing lists.

The ActiveTrail plugin lets you:

  • Connect CF7 to ActiveTrail without need for a 3rd party intermediary (Zapier)
  • Make a connection between CF7 registration fields and fields in your account
  • When associating ActiveTrail fields with CF7 fields, choose between overwriting existing values (default option) or concatenation (a comma, followed by the new value, is added to the field)
  • Add contacts to groups after attribution, and begin automations
  • Add information to fields that don’t actually appear on the form (hidden fields)
  • Automatically associate a phone field to an SMS field, and more and more.

OK, so what do I need to do?

1. Click on this link and download the ActiveTrail Plugin:

ActiveTrail Contact form 7 integration

2. When the download is complete, log in to WordPress’s management panel, click on the “Plugins” button then on “Add New”, select the file “activetrail-contact-form-7.1.0”.


3. Open your “Plugins” list, search for Contact Form 7 and click on “Settings”.

Contact Form 7

4. Open a window displaying the form’s code, that includes a new tab named “ActiveTrail”.

a new tab named “ActiveTrail”

5. At this point, you will need to fill out the form’s fields:

edit contact form

Required fields:

Add Form Id field – Enter the number that appears in the blue line above.  In this case, id = 254.

Add Email field – Copy the parameter exactly as it appears on the form, e.g. “Your Email”.

Afterwards, there are also optional fields, such as:

Add Phone Number Field – the field is not required, but it can be defined as “Your Phone Number”.

Before filling out additional fields, define the fields “Token ID” and Group ID” (of a group defined in the ActiveTrail system).

6. To obtain a Token ID, sign-on to ActiveTrail and go to “More” >> ”Integrations” >> ”API” and then “Apps”.

obtain a Token ID

7.  Click on “New”, define a name, e.g. “New form”, and click on “Save”:

New form

After saving, the window will change, allowing you to copy the “Access token”

Access token

Now you will need to define the group to which contacts from the sign-up form will be added.

8. In ActiveTrail, you have the option to select an existing group or to create a new one: navigate to “Contacts” >> “Groups” >> “New Group” – give it a name and click on “Save”:

New group

9. Finally, return to the management interface in WordPress and enter the data:

the management interface in WordPress

And… that’s it, you are ready to go – happy hunting for leads!

Download the ActiveTrail Plugin

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